Yahoo Southeast Asia Editors’ Favorite Games of 2022

It has been an eventful year for the video game industry, with loads of new titles being released and updates that have breathed new life into others.

Like many other gamers, Yahoo Southeast Asia team members were spoiled for choice when deciding where to invest their time.

That said, some titles stood out to us more than others, so here are Editors’ Choices for their favorite game of 2022.

Horizon Forbidden West (Aloysius Low)

(Image: Sony Interactive)

Aloy’s opinion:

While there is stiff competition from Elden ring and God of War Ragnarok, Forbidden Horizon West stands alone with an amazing story about our distant future.

There’s a huge, spectacular world to explore, with tons of amazing stories to uncover, and the combat is incredibly fun.

Even the motion capture and voice acting are *chef kiss*.

And while it doesn’t wrap up Aloy’s story yet, it does offer an epic build to the upcoming sequel that will leave you gasping in shock.

Total War: WARHAMMER III (Kurt Lozano)

(Screenshot: Creative Assembly)

(Screenshot: Creative Assembly)

Kurt’s opinion:

Creative Assembly’s classic RTS series, Total waropened up to a whole new universe of possibilities when it teamed up with Games Workshop to bring Fantasy Warhammer to life inside Total War: WARHAMMER in May 2016.

Almost six years later, that culminated in the release of Total War: WARHAMMER III in February 2022. The scale this third title brings to the series is unprecedented, bringing to life the human realms of Kislev and Cathay as well as the forces of Chaos. Additionally, the game also brings together the trilogy through the Immortal Empires campaign.

While the game isn’t without its problems, the sheer scale of stories and possibilities available to players in both battles and campaigns is nothing short of impressive.

Fans of both Fantasy Warhammer and Total war Like me, we’ve already given hundreds of hours of our lives to the Chaos Gods through this game, so why not join us? The entire series is currently on sale on Steam!

Stray (Anna Bernardo)

(Screenshot: Annapurna Interactive)

(Screenshot: Annapurna Interactive)

Anna’s opinion:

One of the reasons Stray it’s so much fun that you get to play as a cute cat all the while in a post-apocalyptic setting that’s both grim and charmingly upbeat.

For a cat lover like me, I found some of the protagonist’s movements so endearing as they reminded me of my own pets’ antics.

The game’s five-hour runtime focuses on platforming, puzzle solving, and item hunting.

And while the protagonist’s movements were quite limited compared to a real cat and the ways you can fight enemies are quite limited, the in-game world and design are well thought out.

The story tugs at your heartstrings, not just for the Stray the adventure of the cat but also for the Companions he meets.

Elden Ring (Dominic Ng)

(Image: FromSoftware)

(Image: FromSoftware)

Dom’s opinion:

The horse beaten to death, Elden ring by FromSoftware, is my choice for game of the year simply because of its different way of telling a story. It doesn’t hold the player’s hands in finding and completing missions like any other story-driven game out there.

The combat is a refined version of the whole Dark souls combo games, giving the player many ways to tackle the game’s obstacles however he likes.

While initially difficult, once you get the hang of how the game works, you can choose to still keep it on “hard mode” or work your way through the game with some powerful weapons.

There are a lot of discoverables in the game and the developers have yet to add content to the game despite it being released in February this year.

Shipping: Rome (Bryan Huang)

Bryan’s opinion:

Shipping: Rome is the last of the Shipments game series, a turn-based tactic of historical eras. This, as the title says, makes you assume the role of the young heir of a noble Roman family towards the last years of the Republic, on the run thanks to some politicians and forced to fight for justice with the might of a Roman legion behind you .

The story takes some liberties with the story, of course, but history buffs are sure to find something of interest here and there. For example, if you play a female main character, you’ll only be able to choose your last name and a nickname (the cognomen for your history buffs). If you choose a male character, you’ll also get a name, which echoes the naming conventions of that era in Rome.

The combat itself will appeal to fans of turn-based tactical RPGs, with classes and weapons playing a huge role in what abilities you and your team can use. Some weapons and skills work better against some enemies, and some missions give you a bonus if you manage to complete them in a specific way.

There’s also an RPG element, with some choices impacting your gameplay (save often if you don’t want to miss out). There is some base building and a hint of a visual novel, but a large part of the game will be in combat. And it’s not like everything will be fine even after you’re out of the fight; the lesions persist and can become more complicated if not treated in time.

You’ll also need to manage your legion and centurions, as they might react differently to the choices you have to make along the way, which could hurt their morale or worse. And, with several different endings depending on your choices, there’s decent replay value too.

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