World Cup, what are the players of Iran risk who have not sung the anthem

Iran’s soccer players risk failing to sing the anthem of the World Cup REUTERS/Marko Djurica

They have decided to become the mouthpiece of popular discontent, taking a clear and decisive position: ai World Cup in Qatar Iran’s footballers have not sung the national anthem. But what could they be? risks to whom they meet for a similar gesture?

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Silence, stop embracing each other: so the players of the Iranian national team have expressed his opposition to the regime. Weeping women are framed in the stands, moved and proud in the face of such a courageous decision. Billboards with the words “Woman Life Freedom” can also be seen from the grandstand, but there have been boos from some fans. On the bench, only one of Queiroz’s assistants moves his lips.

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In the aftermath of what happened, the Iranian players received applause from the sports world and beyond. However, the Iranian government may soon take action. What could be the consequences?

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Before the World Cup there was talk of possible exemplary punishments if similar situations had occurred, starting from non-payment by the Federation. This, however, may be the lightest decision. Some Iranian tabloids explain it, according to which a suspension or the end of his career in the national team cannot be ruled out. Some less famous footballers have already been arrested or even jailed for taking part in the protests that broke out in the country following the death of Masha Amini, the young woman killed by the Iranian police on charges of not wearing the hijab correctly. However, the measures could be slow in coming: Iran still has matches to play and it is feared that the Government will wait until the end of the World Cup to punish its players.

To football players who play in foreign teamsmoreover, it could be forbidden to return homewith particular concern for their families. Among them would be Mehdi Taremi (FC Porto), Sardar Azmoun (Bayer Leverkusen) and Saman Ghoddos (Brentford FC).

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