World Cup: England in round of 16

The England side have reached the last 16 of the World Cup, but manager Gareth Southgate has warned they will face a “very dangerous team” in their next match.

England beat Wales 3-0 at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar last night and Sunday against Senegal.

Senegal are 18th in the FIFA world rankings, while England are fifth.

Southgate said there was no room for complacency, however, and that his players would study their competition between now and the clash.

He said of Senegal: “I couldn’t see their matches in the tournament.

“I saw them play against Iran in Vienna in September, so I saw them well.

“From now on, when we have the coach at home, we will study the matches to prepare for the match.

“Obviously we know some people, some great players who play in big leagues in Europe, some who play in England.”

He added: “We know we will be the favorites in the table. We have to deal with that. But we are playing against a very dangerous team.”

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For Wales, Tuesday night’s game was one of disappointment and devastation as they were left behind by the talent of Marcus Rashford, the 25-year-old Manchester United striker.

He scored two of England’s three goals, with the other going to Phil Foden.

Rashford has scored three goals in as many games at this World Cup, despite struggling with fitness and fitness in the months leading up to the tournament.

He later said his goals were dedicated to his friend Garfield Hayward, who died of cancer just days before the game.

Southgate said: “I went to see [Rashford] in the summer, she had a long chat with him and was clear about things she felt she needed to think about and do.

“You can see with his club there has been happiness in his performances this year, and I have to say he has proven himself on the training ground all the time with us.”

“We have a completely different version to the player we had in the Euros last summer, so he managed to produce those moments tonight.

“He could have scored a hat-trick, really, with the chance in the first half and then the one at the near post towards the end.

“But it’s great for him and because it’s great for him, it’s great for us.”

England fans at the match were delighted, but some Welsh fans left before the final whistle.

John Holden, 65, from Nottingham, said: ‘It was absolutely incredible.

“Wales were so poor, even in the first half we were just kidding them, making them tired – Rashford, in the second half, terrified them.”

He added, “The fans were bouncing, we were absolutely bouncing and still are.”

Scott Kind, 49, who lives in Qatar, said it was a “brilliant result” and on England’s hopes for the rest of the tournament, he added: “Decent draw in the second round and we’ll see – I don’t want to bring bad luck to it .”

Wales stalwart Huw Phillips, 54, from Carmarthen, said his side “held on” in the first half but were “under control” in the second, adding: “The dream is over but the lads did well.

“I am very proud, never been more proud.”

There will be non-alcoholic celebrations for the England players, due to Qatari rules, before settling down to concentrate on the work ahead of them.

Southgate said: “We have loads of milkshakes at the hotel.

“Everything is different, isn’t it? We are embracing it.

“We love our base camp, the people who run the hotel are fabulous people. We really couldn’t be happier.

“We’re enjoying each other’s company and the players are really close, so up to this point we’re very happy

“Of course big business starts now, really.”

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