Woman accused of lying about gang of groomers says she loves alleged trafficker

A woman accused of lying about being the victim of a gang of Asian groomers has told a court that she is in love with her alleged trafficker.

Eleanor Williams, 22, testified at Preston Crown Court on Tuesday.

She told the jury she met Mohammed Ramzan, a man she claims groomed and trafficked her, at a birthday party in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, when she was 12.

Williams said she continued to work for Mr Ramzan at his restaurant Mr Elephant and he became her “boyfriend”.

Louise Blackwell KC, in defense, asked Williams what happened to her to make her see the restaurant owner as her boyfriend.

Williams said, “We had sex.”

She told the court: “I thought it was love, I thought he loved me, so I was happy with the situation.”

But she said Mr Ramzan started to “get more angry” and wanted her to do “sexual favors” for her friends.

She described being at a private function at the restaurant, where around 40 men were attending a Ramadan feast, when Mr. Ramzan asked her to have sex with his friend.

She said, “He told me it was no big deal, that his friend was going to kill himself, that he’d love me even more if I did, and I believed him.”

Williams said she felt “dirty” afterward.

When asked how many times she had sex with that man and over what period of time, Williams said, “I couldn’t count how many times, but from when I was 12 to 20.”

She said that a couple of weeks after the first incident, Mr. Ramzan, also known as Rammi, asked her to have sex with the man again.

He said, “I couldn’t say no because he would just get angry, I mean physically abusive.”

She said the second time she went up to the restaurant with the man and another man also entered the room.

Williams told the court she screamed for Mr Ramzan, but he was “nowhere to be found”.

Asked if she told him about what happened, she said: ‘He promised me it would just be a one off and when it happened more than once I questioned it and he was like ‘well I love you for doing it so it doesn’t matter how many times you do it.’ I really couldn’t argue with that.

She said that after “more and more men” were introduced to her at the restaurant or different addresses she would be taken to.

He said: “It was confusing. I didn’t like what I was doing but at the same time I loved Rammi, so…”

She described how Mr. Ramzan would pick her up from school in a BMW and drive her to addresses where other men were present.

Williams told the court she had a clear recollection of the first time she was brought into a house, when there were eight other men there and she had sex with “two or three” of them.

She said she felt “dirty and awful”.

When asked why she didn’t tell anyone at the time, she said: “It was hard to explain and I didn’t want to. I hated myself.

Williams, of Teasdale Road, Barrow, denies eight counts of committing acts intended to pervert the course of justice.

He had faced seven charges, but the jury was told on Tuesday that the indictment would be changed to separate some of the charges into an additional count.

The process continues.

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