Trump calls for the jailing of Roe v Wade “leaker” and journalists who have published a draft opinion

Donald Trump suggested that a person who leaked a US Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Eggs against Wadeas well as the journalists who published it, they should be jailed, while not violating any law.

The former president suggested that publishers should be threatened with the possibility of being raped in prison in an attempt to bring out the “focuser” for a violation that does not exist.

“Take the writer and / or editor of the newspaper … You say, ‘Who is the popularizer?’ National security, “Trump said in rambling remarks at a rally in Robstown, Texas on Oct.22.

“They say, ‘We won’t tell you.’ “You will go to jail.” And when this person realizes that she very soon she will be the bride of a prisoner, she will say, ‘I would really like to tell you exactly who that leaker is,’ “she added.

A draft of the opinion written by US Conservative judge Samuel Alito was published in Politic in May, several weeks before the court issued the historic opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which canceled half a century of constitutional protections for the treatment of abortion.

The ruling overturned a constitutional right to abortion assistance, allowing states to enact severe restrictions on assistance or ban abortion altogether, sparking a wave of protests and litigation in the United States. More than a dozen states have since effectively outlawed most abortions.

An ongoing internal court investigation seeks to identify who or what was responsible for the “leak” of opinion.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts called the leak “absolutely frightening” and a “singular and glaring breach of that trust that is an affront to the court and the community of civil servants working here.”

Liberal judge Elena Kagan condemned it as a “horrible” and “terrible” and “obvious, blatant violation of court rules”, while conservative judge Clarence Thomas likened it to an “infidelity” that changed the court “basically”.

Trump’s threats to First Amendment protected activities repeatedly include suggesting imprisonment for journalists and characterizing them as “enemies of the people.” Following the Dobbs leak, he insisted that the court find the “leaker” and punish him.

“This is a tremendously serious matter that has never happened, anywhere to this extent, before,” he wrote on his Truth Social platform in June.

“The Court will be compromised and belittled until this big problem is solved,” he added.

The independent requested a comment from Politic.

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