Ticket prices for Roger Federer’s farewell match compared to ticket prices for the World Cup final in Qatar

Roger Federer’s farewell Credit: Alamy

Tickets to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final retail for around £6,000, but that’s nothing compared to what it cost to watch Roger Federer’s ‘last hurray’.

Qatar is the first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup and there is still a chance that world football could get a final between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as Argentina and Portugal made it to the quarter-finals.

Tickets for the final match currently cost around £6,000, well below the £15,000 fans were willing to pay to watch Federer’s last match as a professional tennis player.

20-time Grand Slam winner Federer announced in August that the Laver Cup at London’s O2 Arena would be his final tournament.

It resulted a furious race to get tickets and the odds certainly went up a notch after it was confirmed that Federer would partner his great rival Rafael Nadal in the doubles event.

Fedal then lost the doubles bout at the Laver Cup, but the fans probably got their money’s worth as there was a post-match ceremony featuring a lengthy interview with Federer while also being treated to an “unexpected” concert” by Elli Goulding.

The pull of Federer and Nadal has always been exceptional and appears to be considerably greater than that of Messi and Ronaldo, although there are some mitigating factors when it comes to the World Cup.

The Qatar show was beset with controversy as alcohol is banned while the country’s human rights record has also led some fans to boycott the tournament.

Prices for the final could still skyrocket once the final is confirmed, especially if it is a Messi vs Ronaldo final. Chris Newbold, the director of Vision4Sport, explained why everyone wanted to see Federer’s final match live.

“You can pay to go see Federer and you know you will see Federer,” he said in a press release. “While you may be paying to go see Argentina at the World Cup and Messi may be injured, he may not have played the whole match, you are paying to watch the team not the individual.

“It’s a difficult comparison to make, but I think Federer captures everyone’s imagination more than any other sportsman we’ve seen in the modern era.

“Laver Cup fans were willing to pay up to £15,000 for an exhibition match knowing this would be Federer’s last hurray.”

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