The White Lotus theory states that the answer to the season 2 mystery was revealed after 6 minutes

The White Lotus he may have unveiled his ending just 10 minutes into the series.

On Sunday (Dec. 11), the second season of HBO’s crime comedy comes to a close and will reveal which characters die.

The first episode, which aired in October, revealed that at least two will die, but kept the identities of the hapless characters a secret.

There are numerous theories floating around, but the series will keep viewers guessing till the very end.

However, one theory shared on Reddit and Twitter, and highlighted by Mashablesuggests that the answer to the mystery was, unbeknownst to the viewers, revealed immediately, with the clue to the answer being reduced to a single word: “Hello.”

The first episode takes its name from the Italian greeting and it is the pronunciation of this word that sheds a whole new light on a storyline that occurs later in the season.

This storyline involves Lucia (Simona Tabasco), the prostitute who is currently romanced with one of the residents, Albie (Adam DiMarco).

Albie has grown increasingly infatuated with Lucia after being dumped by Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) and, during a night out in a nearby Sicilian town, becomes concerned after seeing her pimp, Alessio, get mad at her.

Things got more intense in the following episode when Alessio stalked Lucia, who was on a family day trip with Albie, her father and grandfather (Michael Imperioli and F Murray Abraham).

Lucia urges them to stop the car and, after another angry showdown with Alessio, agrees to go with him. That evening, Lucia explains to Albie that Alessio wants to “control” her, and she owes him a lot of money to be free.

Looks like Albie gets teased in ‘The White Lotus’ (HBO)

However, viewers who have reviewed the series have noted that, in the first episode, Lucia and Alessio seemed to be on good terms; in fact, it seems he’s not her pimp at all.

After the cold open reveals the deaths of two characters, the story flashes back in time to show the characters arriving at the hotel.

The first characters we see are Lucia and her friend Mia (Beatrice Grannò) as they prepare to greet the boat to see who the newcomers are. While they are walking through the village, Lucia, in an apparently disposable moment, passes in front of a character to whom she says in a friendly way: ‘Ciao! ‘

He adds, in unsubtitled Italian, that he will call him later. This character is Alessio.

The first episode is also called “Ciao,” which viewers would normally think of as an appropriate name for an episode that introduces new characters to them, but may actually be a reference to Lucia’s greeting to Alessio.

Alessio was spotted in the first episode of 'The White Lotus' (HBO)

Alessio was spotted in the first episode of ‘The White Lotus’ (HBO)

It seems that Lucia and Alessio have masterminded a plot to defraud one of the wealthy vacationers. If that’s the case, it certainly puts Albie in pole position to meet his creator as the scam could go horribly wrong, or Albie could get pissed when he realizes he’s fallen victim to a long-running scam.

He also puts his father and grandfather in danger; in episode five, when Alessio chases them in the car, both prove to be protective individuals in the face of violence and may get in the way to protect their son.

Time will tell and of course this is just one of many theories circulating.

The White Lotus The season two finale will air on Sky Atlantic the following day in the UK (December 12). and will be available to stream NOW.

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