The Surprise Team of Children In Need returns

Alex Jones is supporting the Surprise Squad for Children credit in Need: Bang Showbiz

Fundraising Challenge The Surprise Squad returns for “Children in Need”.

Five stars who benefited from the BBC’s annual charity appeal are reciprocating by participating in a series of challenges for the second consecutive year – along with “The One Show” presenters Alex Jones, Jermaine Jenas and Ronan Keating – which will then be broadcast in BBC One magazine program.

Alex said: “We are thrilled that the Surprise Squad is back again for ‘BBC Children in Need’ with a new troupe of incredible young people offering very special challenges for ‘BBC Children in Need’ funded projects across the country. country.

“I just know that audiences will be humbled and inspired by the team’s incredible stories and I can’t wait to share what they’re up to!”

Jermaine added: “Times are incredibly tough for so many right now and we know there are so many people who need support.

“We can’t wait to see the amazing things the new Surprise Squad does this year and we know they will really make a difference and I hope our audiences love to watch it too!”

The team will include Max, 17, winner of the Diana Award for his work with the family bereavement charity Penhaligon’s Friends after losing his mother as a child.

He will be joined by Charlina, an aspiring 20-year-old pediatric nurse from Luton, who has faced many health challenges, such as heart holes and a liver transplant.

Jodie, 19, from Belfast – born prematurely diagnosed with cerebral palsy, scoliosis and vision problems – is the third member of the team after taking part in Monkstown Boxing, an initiative that has improved her mental health.

The fourth member is Zuhair, a 17-year-old young caregiver from Perth – who cares for his two younger siblings Mo and Elaine after his mother was temporarily unable to walk following a car accident – joined he too after receiving support from PKAVS, an organization that connects young people in similar situations.

The latest member is Lauren, a 19-year-old nanny recovering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

He lost his mother Lisa to pancreatic cancer and benefited from support from Maggie’s, a charity that supports cancer patients after a stem cell transplant.

Watch “The One Show” from 1 November to 17 November every night at 7pm on BBC One to see the team’s stories and find out how surprises unfold.

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