The Samsung S95B OLED TV drops to just £ 1,099 on Amazon

The 55-inch set came out earlier this year in May (The Independent)

Are you planning to upgrade your television in time for the World Cup? Want to make sure you see every last blade of grass on the pitch in flawless detail? Well, you might be interested in this hefty discount on the 55-inch Samsung S95B, which is now just £ 1,099 at both the electronics retailer Box and on Amazon.

That’s a whopping £ 1,300 drop from its original selling price of £ 2,399, though it’s worth pointing out that the top rated television hasn’t sold at that price since May. The price of the Samsung S95B has slowly fallen since it launched earlier this year.

This model uses Samsung’s “slim laser” design, which means the panel is extraordinarily thin. It also comes with some useful Google apps in addition to Samsung’s best-in-class interface, like Google Duo, which lets you make video calls with friends by connecting a webcam.

Big brand TVs are among the most popular products sold on Black Friday, and with the annual sales blast expected to roll back on November 25th, we’ve begun to see some tempting initial offers on sets from Samsung, Sony and LG.

If this 55-inch isn’t your thing, check out our round-up of October’s best TV deals for more discounts on QLED, OLED and 4K smart TVs. Or read on to learn more about one of the best Samsung TVs you could ever hope to watch Corrie On.

Samsung 55 inch S95B OLED 4K TV

The Samsung S95B is an exceptionally good TV and features a crisp 4K OLED display powered by the tech brand’s “neural quantum processor,” which basically means it can boost standard definition footage in real time to ensure cinematic 4K image detail. and rich contrast, regardless of whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster, football or Hunting.

We haven’t tested this exact model on IndyBest, but we were impressed with Samsung’s upscaling experience in other TVs in the range. Adaptive HDR10 + technology also gives the display more control over the brightness of dark parts of the frame, making this set a great choice for anyone who couldn’t understand what was going on during the latest episode of game of Thrones.

The Samsung S95B is also a great TV for next-gen gaming and uses the latest HDMI 2.1 standard with a 120Hz refresh rate for responsive and smooth gameplay.

Stocks are limited. If you find it out of stock on Amazon, you can find the TV for the same price at the Box electronics retailer (£ 1,099,

Buy now £ 1099.00,

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