The only way to release this government’s iron grip is through general elections

Liz Truss, before her resignation, spoke about the resilience of the British people to weather the storm (AP)

It is patently obvious that this government has an unwavering priority: to cling to power despite the turmoil of recent days and weeks and the damage done to the UK’s reputation on the international stage.

No matter the catastrophic cost to this country of political incompetence and indefensible behavior.

Or that ministers have run out of ideas after more than a decade in office. It is clear that they lack any genuine will to improve the lives of those who are struggling.

The only way to release this government’s iron grip is through general elections. Otherwise, the conservatives will continue to ruin the future of this country.

Liz Truss, before her resignation, spoke about the resilience of the British people to weather the storm. But the current financial crisis amounts to the devastation caused by a Category 5 hurricane. And the reason we’re on her way is because of her reckless gamble.

Many people are already facing sleepless nights tormented by how they will be able to afford to move forward, keep up with their mortgage payments and avoid losing their home. Higher mortgage rates mean that landlords will inevitably pass on any increases to their tenants.

There is no rapid recovery on the horizon from this economic mess, a chaos that no one voted for. A situation that was aggravated by Liz Truss’ decision to experiment, playing at a free pace with people’s livelihoods.

What is desperately needed is a stable economy that operates in the best interests of all: public services, workers and businesses. And one that is run by adults.

Instead, conservatives are concerned only with saving their own skin. All we hear about is party unity, the need for conservative MPs to share the same ideas and beliefs. Not on what is happening to the country and its citizens.

The concerns of the people are not being met due to the whirlwind in the heart of the government. Nurses, teaching assistants, city clerks and other public sector staff “have seen their wages fall far behind the rise in prices as financial pressures rise.

The NHS is facing the worst crisis in its 74-year history. Seven million people are waiting for treatment. But the backlog of appointments and operations may never decrease. Despite the 132,000 vacancies, the government does not have a serious plan to resolve the personnel crisis.

And as if that weren’t enough, more staff leave every day, attracted to higher-paying jobs on the main streets that involve fewer hours and a lot less stress.

Many parts of the NHS now operate with little more than a skeleton service. So, it’s no wonder health workers think things have gone so badly that a strike this winter is the only option left.

â € ‹That’s not all. There is another nightmare coming along the track. Jeremy Hunt may have practically ditched the prime minister’s entire economic list. But he won’t stop there.

If Monday’s hasty and convoluted announcement is anything to build upon, essential services “are now firmly in the Chancellor’s sights.

The government must stop seeing the public sector as a waste of resources. Modern and progressive societies need thriving public services to compete effectively with the rest of the world.

Schools educate employees of the future, the NHS helps the sick and injured to get back to health and work, municipalities maintain the streets so companies can transport their goods, firefighters and police services maintain communities safe.

And this is regardless of the fact that public services are an engine of economic growth. When wages are not low and times are not so difficult, health, the police, the municipality, health and education workers spend their wages where they live, helping local businesses to grow.

The government also comes after the workers and their unions. It is only the ministers who are calling for a change in the law to make it more difficult to strike when things go wrong at work. Britain already has the toughest trade union action legislation in Europe.

Sensible governments around the world see trade unions as part of the fabric of a just society that values ​​adequate pay and decent working conditions. Unions are not the enemy. â € ‹They are part of the solution.

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â € ‹This government must step aside. Instead of trying to support the limp prime ministers and prevent the inevitable elections, polls suggest the Conservatives will lose. And lose badly.

People have had enough of the endless carousel of change at the top of the Conservative Party. Voters must be given the opportunity to choose a new government. One who will put the country ahead of the party and act in the best interests of businesses and workers.

Public services and communities need a Labor government in Westminster. The elections cannot come soon enough.

Christina McAnea is Unison’s general secretary

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