the new beauty launches to have on your radar in October 2022


In our Let’s Make-Up monthly round-up, we bring you a selection of the tried and tested, freshest and trendiest beauty launches worth adding to your cart.

All kinds of lotions and potions for makeup, skincare, hair care and more run through our desks, and we take it upon ourselves to go through them all so you don’t have to. If we include it below, then you know it’s good.

Hydration is at the top of the agenda this October, as our dry complexions are being impacted by climate change. Luckily Kate Somerville is on hand with a new innovation in space, while Trinny London is combining two of our favorite ingredients – peptides and hyaluronic acid – to create plumping power.

Elsewhere, cult fragrance house Byredo is adding a new spicy aroma to its line-up, and Australian-born waterless label Conserving Beauty is showing us how it’s done to incorporate more sustainable practices into your skincare routine.

For all this and more, check out our modification of the hottest beauty drops you need on your radar.

FOREO Luna 4

When FOREO launched the first LUNA back in 2013, it had a difficult task. The brand had to educate the consumer to replace the traditional (and free) manual method of facial cleansing with this hi-tech alternative. While your fingers can do a great job in the morning and evening routine, it has nothing on the facial cleanser which has silicone contact points and deep cleansing modes which not only are more thorough but increase circulation and encourage production. of collagen at the same time.

LUNA 4 – as the name suggests – is the latest iteration of the gadget that still boasts all the features you know and love from its predecessors but with the addition of NIR LED light, heating and microcurrent. There are a variety of modes for gentle or deep cleansing and different massage patterns that you can control via the accompanying app. When you are on the go, you will appreciate the new travel lock.

Buy Now £ 239.00, FOREO


US skin care brand TULA launched in the UK with a bang. The brand was founded by gastroenterologist Dr Roshini Raj and puts probiotic extracts and superfoods at the heart of its products to restore the skin from the outside in.

The science-backed collection is designed to nourish the skin where the Purifying Face Cleanser is one of the most popular on the American market as a testament to its impressive dirt-removing but not stripping properties.

The range also includes day and night moisturizer, a light, non-greasy moisturizer hero, as well as refreshing and illuminating eye balm that can be slipped into the bag and applied to the eyes when needed for an instant soothing effect. The latter includes rose water and rosehip oil in the formula to address fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and has a glowing finish.

Buy Now £ 10.00, Space NK

Byredo Closed Eye

The new addition to the Byredo collection is Eyes Closed. “Distance and separation have been a recurring theme in recent years and I wanted to capture a perfume that would overcome this fragmentation,” says fragrance house founder Ben Gorham.

The aroma is meant to be a highly sensory experience that opens with the candied spice of cinnamon and cardamom with the exclusive cocktail of patchouli and papyrus with iris butter, ginger and carrot.

Buy now £ 182.00, available October 6th

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

To give yourself the radiant complexion you deserve, apply a layer of this creamy mask from the Japanese label Tatcha. In 15-20 minutes of pampering, use a combination of AHA fruit acids, antioxidant vitamin C and Japanese beautyberry to leave skin glowing, glowing and glowing. The formula is fast-acting and also has a moisturizing effect.

Buy Now £ 65.00, Space NK

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel

When you’re prone to breakouts, you’ve probably tried every product on the market in search of a skin savior – and this launch from Dermalogica may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Not a targeted spot treatment, but a peel rich in AHAs (lactic, mandelic and azelaic) and salicyclic acid BHA which act as gentle exfoliants to encourage clearer, brighter complexions.

In just one week in a trial, 95% saw lighter-looking skin, while 85% said they had fewer breakouts after just one month of use.

Buy Now £ 27.00, Dermalogica

Preserve the beauty

From Oz to the shores of the UK comes the eco-conscious Conserving Beauty label that is doing things a little differently from the norm. Throughout the collection, there is no added water to ensure potency. With staples like wipes and tissue masks, there is also less waste as the products are soluble after use. Self-care Sunday but make it sustainable.

Buy Now £ 11.00, Worship Beauty

Kate Somerville HydraKate

If you have noticed increased breakouts or your complexion is looking duller than usual, it could be due to lack of hydration. Give your skin a hydrating boost with this latest innovation from Kate Somerville.

The HydraKate collection consists of a water cream and a regenerating serum designed to give the skin the water it needs, increasing hydration by 81% in just 20 minutes with long-lasting effects throughout the day.

The formula is made up of the brand’s AquaPort hydration technology which is inspired by the dermatologist’s in-clinic treatment and stimulates aquaporin in the skin for immediate plumping results. There is also the Rosemary Peptide Complex to promote natural recovery, the Marigold Flower for elasticity, the Hyaluronic Acid of the Moisturizing Hero and the Seaweed Extract that protects against blue light.

Buy Now £ 65.00, Kate Somerville

Trinny London Plump Up Peptide + HA Serum

In this enhanced serum, you have two of the most popular ingredients in the beauty sphere, brought together in a cornerstone of skincare. From Trinny London, this formula contains anti-aging peptides and hydrating hyaluronic acid which, combined, promote a plumping effect – the clue is in the name after all.

Buy Now £ 65.00, Trinny London

BaByliss Wave Secret Air

BaByliss has a mission to create effortless beach waves exactly that, effortlessly. Instead of impersonating a contortionist with your plates, Wave Secret Air can help you create the coveted style in minutes. Simply put your locks – regardless of thickness – into the large ceramic shaft and it will leave you with long-lasting curls and a healthy shine at the same time.

Buy now £ 150.00, lookfantastic

EVE LOM Radiance Repair Retinol serum

To simplify your multi-step routine, Eve Lom’s one-stop serum contains the winning combination of AHA, retinol, prebiotic oat kernel and a patented biomimetic network to go back in time. While protecting the skin barrier from further stress, it brightens, smoothes and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Buy now £ 145.00, lookfantastic

Dr.Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass mimetic drops

This is a viral sensation from Tiktok that deserves all its praise and comes from the innovative Korean skin care label Dr Jart + which is finally available on British soil. Green-beige cream has color correcting properties as soon as it’s applied to the skin, but that’s where the fun begins. It also leaves a dewy finish and creates the foundation for your makeup to follow as a clean, clear canvas. To top it all off, there is also SPF35.

Buy now £ 35.00, lookfantastic

Brighter generation G

Glossier has more than a few Hero products in its collection, one of which is the beloved matte Generation G lippy that has long been an essential bag. The delicately colored formula is available in three other shades; Fuzz – a rosy dove gray, Malt – deep brown and Punch – rosy red.

Just like the rest of the collection, these are buildable by nature. A single step will leave you with a very light pop of color that is designed to replicate the post-blotting effect that is hugely popular with professional makeup artists. The pigment also adapts to your natural lip color which gives it a personalized quality, while the blue agave leaf extract and safflower seed oil provide nourishment.

Buy Now £ 14.00, Glossier

Towards Skincare Super Elisir

Skincare experts have long considered retinol as an anti-aging ingredient, but for many, incorporating it into skincare isn’t as simple as it sounds. The component can be harsh and annoying, causing irritation to those with sensitive skin. Enter the new Verso innovation.

The Super Elixir of the label is a face oil that has an illuminating effect and fills in fine wrinkles. It is designed to build the skin’s natural defenses against external aggressors with the Verso NEAR 1 patent in the center. This complex combines vitamin A and niacinamide where the latter makes the active more stable and therefore less reactive. Follow by sunscreen.

Buy Now £ 155.00, Cul Beauty

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