The mother complains about another passenger watching sex scenes next to her son on the plane

Man was watching ‘nude sex scenes’, mother said (Getty Images)

An American mother complained that she had to “protect her son’s eyes” on an airplane while another passenger watched sex scenes on the seatback screen nearby.

LaKeisha Fleming wrote an essay for the website Insiders on Sunday (December 4), criticizing the unnamed airline for providing “explicit” films in their entertainment selection.

“I flew with my son to his national speech contest and was ready to watch some in-flight shows,” Fleming wrote.

“In the line in front of us, I saw someone watching an explicit sex scene on the plane screen. When I complained to the airline, she told me to change seats if it happened again,” she complained.

“We were both ready to relax when our flight took off,” the mother continues in the article.

“We had our snacks and books, and since our seats had screens, I knew we could laugh at our favorite shows. I thought I was ready. What I wasn’t ready for was having to protect my son’s eyes from an explicit nude sex scene.”

Ms Fleming says that while arranging family-friendly content for her son to watch, she noticed the passenger in the front row was watching an “explicit” sex scene, in full view of her son.

“To be clear, this was not a passenger’s personal device. This scene took place in the back of the seat, with the airline providing the entertainment,” he adds.

In her original chirp about the incident, released in April, revealed that the airline he was flying with at the time was Delta.

The mother says she initially positioned herself between her son and the view on the screen in front of her, and when the sex scene was over, she went to ask the airline flight attendants what they could do to fix the situation.

“They’ve offered to move our seats,” she says. “Even then, they said, someone else could play the same content. Basically, there was nothing they could do.

Fleming says studies have shown that “adolescent exposure to sexually explicit content” has been linked to “risk sexual behaviors in emerging adults.”

Meanwhile, Texas psychologist Dr. Zishan Khan said Insiders that children may find exposure to explicit content “traumatizing”.

Fleming says a Delta representative responded to her written complaint saying she could do nothing but change seats, as advised on the flight.

He believes airline entertainment should be censored to ensure it is family-friendly for the children on board

“US airlines have the ability to edit their TV shows and movies to be appropriate for general audiences. In such close quarters, where the screens are clearly visible to people in the surrounding area, this would be a responsible and ethical option and should be reconsidered,” she wrote.

A Delta Air Lines spokesperson said: “We have been in direct contact with this customer to hear and address their concerns following their flight earlier this year in April 2022. On board our aircraft we aim to offer the our customer base several relevant, popular and inclusive entertainment options, all of which are checked in advance to ensure compliance with our content guidelines.

“We offer parental control features within our back system so parents can control what their children can see, and all movies offer MPAA ratings to alert customers of mature content.”

It’s not the first time a parent has contested their child’s experience on board a flight.

In November, a mother said her six-year-old was left in tears after a “computer problem” meant someone else was already sitting in his seat.

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