The capital is ready for a mild and humid New Year’s Eve with temperatures reaching 14C

London’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display is back after a two-year hiatus (Getty Images)

New Year’s partygoers in London are set for a warm but humid evening, with temperatures expected to reach a high of 14C during the day.

Light rain showers are expected for most of 31 December, with temperatures reaching 13C or 14C around lunchtime before dipping slightly to 11C as revelers count down to midnight.

It did not survive last New Year’s Eve in the capital, which was ‘exceptionally mild’ with a record high of 16.8C in St James’s Park, the Met Office said.

Spokesman Oli Claydon told the Standard that heavy rains are expected throughout Saturday, with the weather remaining unsettled into Sunday afternoon.

Mild weather on the last night of 2022 will be good news for Londoners planning to catch the annual fireworks display near the London Eye, which returns from 8pm on Saturday after a two-year hiatus.

Then, while many Brits are resting and recovering from hangovers on New Year’s Day, the rain will ease into clouds and highs of 11C or 12C. The rains should stop around 1pm.

Mr Claydon said drier weather is expected on New Year’s Day and again on Monday.

Anyone traveling to London on Friday 30th December before the celebrations can expect light rain which overcast by 12pm and a maximum of 13C.

Wind and rain will sweep across the country from the west, with skies drying up and clearing around 3 p.m. onwards, Claydon said.

Skies are expected to clear in the first week of January (REUTERS)

Skies are expected to clear in the first week of January (REUTERS)

The New Year’s weekend will see wet and windy weather for most of the UK, the Met Office said, with the heaviest and most persistent rain expected on New Year’s Eve.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey said: “It will be an unsettled New Year’s weekend for much of the UK, with frequent and sometimes heavy rain, and a chance that this could turn to snow mainly in the highlands of Scotland.

“New Year’s Eve will be the wettest of the two days, with a series of fronts bringing rain to many areas, particularly parts of Scotland and south and south-west England, where there will also be very strong winds along the Channel of the English Channel.

“What that leaves behind is an unsettled New Year’s Eve, with the central and southern parts of the UK likely to see further downpours and longer periods of rain.”

Calmer weather is expected in the first week of January, with many Britons returning to work.

The first week of the new year is expected to remain relatively warm in London, with highs of 9°C, 11°C and 12°C throughout the working week and clouds.

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