The best family sedans to try this year

Despite the growing popularity of crossovers and compact SUVs, the standard sedan still has a firm place in the automotive landscape. They’re practical, easy to live with, and cheap too, so they’re often an excellent option for families or those who want a no-frills car that won’t cost the earth.

There are still plenty of options available in the new car market as well, so let’s take a look.

Skoda Octavia


The Octavia is quite clever in terms of design. From the outside, it doesn’t look much like a traditional sedan, but the boot operation means it qualifies for this list. It also has a much larger trunk than its rivals, with a capacity of a whopping 600 liters.

It is also available with a wide range of engines, including a new hybrid configuration that combines a 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor and battery.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf retained the title of best-selling car in Europe.  (Volkswagen)

The Golf retained the title of best-selling car in Europe. (Volkswagen)

Volkswagen’s latest eighth-generation Golf is finding its feet in the market after an initial start hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. More technology-oriented than ever, the Golf includes many of Volkswagen’s latest features, such as a large central display that controls nearly all of the car’s auxiliary functions.

As with previous Golf models, the new version has plenty of engines to choose from, in addition to the high-performance versions GTE, GTD and GTI.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Ioniq 5 is the first in a new wave of Hyundai electric vehicles.  (Hyundai)

The Ioniq 5 is the first in a new wave of Hyundai electric vehicles. (Hyundai)

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 has had a very successful introduction to the automotive market, having won many awards across the board thanks to its excellent technology and impressive electric powertrain that seems to carry very few downsides.

In fact, it can deliver up to 315 miles of electric range, meaning range anxiety is a distant concern.

Opel Corsa Electric

Opel Corsa-e


Vauxhall has geared up to provide an electric version of its popular Corsa in the Corsa Electric and has proven to be a real hit with buyers. It has a range of up to 222 miles, but is just as comfortable and practical as the petrol-powered Corsa.

Plus, thanks to the fast-charging capability, an 80% charge can be done in just 30 minutes when connected to a fast charger.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus


Ford may have announced that production of its Focus will cease in 2023, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a very viable choice today. It remains one of the best options on sale thanks to its large trunk, well-made cockpit and high level of standard equipment.

It is also available with a wide range of engines, while the ST remains one of the best day-to-day performance cars.

Mazda 3


The Mazda3 feels composed and settled on the road

Mazda has always produced a fine range of models that are beautiful to drive but easy to live with, and the 3 is a prime example of this. You can also achieve this with Mazda’s latest – and very efficient – SkyActiv engines, which offer a great combination of performance and economy.

But the most impressive part of the Mazda 3 is the way it drives. It manages to capture some of the sparkle of Mazda sports cars, but in a package that is comfortable and refined.

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class

The new Mercedes A-Class has arrived

If you are looking for a more premium experience, the A-Class remains one of the best options out there. Exclusive both inside and out, it features some of the company’s latest technologies, including an ultra-wide infotainment setup.

It has also recently been updated with a sharper exterior design and the latest version of the Mercedes MBUX OS.

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