Sunak should have “decency” and hold general elections, says the former Tory party member

A nurse who canceled her Conservative Party membership and joined Labor said Rishi Sunak should have “decency and respect for the British people” and hold general elections.

Marc Evans, 33, has voted for Conservatives in consecutive elections since leaving university, but has given up on his political party for more than a decade in the midst of Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal in May of this year.

Mr Evans, after five years of membership in the Conservatives, joined Labor and said its leader Sir Keir Starmer would be “a necessary change” for the country instead of MPs “who do not represent the British people”.

“They are a real disgrace,” Evans, who lives in Bristol, told the PA news agency.

Some party members have suggested they will unsubscribe and vote Reform UK after Rishi Sunak (Victoria Jones / PA) leadership victory

“It looks like they’re on a sinking ship trying to plug holes.

“Rishi Sunak is now the successor to Boris’s successor, who won the election in 2019 – I don’t think he has the mandate to govern, I think there should be a general election now.

“I think he must have decency and respect for the British people … We have had 12 years of Conservative rule (and) the country is in turmoil.”

Mr. Evans described feeling “disappointed” by the mini-budget unveiled by the Liz Truss administration which sank the pound and plunged the UK into a deeper financial crisis.

He considers himself “a traditional conservative”, but believes the Tories now “represent their own interests or the interests of the ultra-rich” rather than the British public.

“I think (my views) are now completely detached from where the Conservative Party is,” Evans said.

Marc Evans

Marc Evans and his partner Kate Thawley (Marc Evans / PA)

“They are not listening to the British people and they are not trying to understand where the people come from and the struggles that people are going through.

Mr. Evans also said he feels “disappointed” by the Tories.

“As a nurse … I just got paid for this month, my mortgage just came out and my other bills just came out and I’m about to go back to my overdraft,” he said.

“I have been using the food banks, I feel I have no support at the moment and I feel completely disappointed and trapped by the system at the moment as well.

“My salary is decent compared to some in this country, but I still feel that I am really struggling and there will be a lot of people out there who are much worse off than me.”

Mr. Evans said Sir Keir Starmer’s speech at the Labor Party conference in September “stood out” for him as “a new direction we must take.”

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Evans claimed that Rishi Sunak is “a successor to a successor of Boris Johnson” and should not rule (Daniel Leal / PA)

“The message from Labor is clear at the moment, it looks coherent, it looks calm,” he said.

“By giving Keir Starmer a chance and actually hearing what he had to say at the Labor Party conference, I think I really stood out for being a new direction that we need to take, that we need to make these fundamental changes.

“While the message from the Conservative Party seems reckless, disorganized and disheveled”.

Mr. Evans suggested that Mr. Sunak, who is expected to become prime minister after an audience with the king on Tuesday, should hold a general election and “accept defeat.”

“I don’t think it’s possible for them to go back right now, I think they’ve gone too far,” he said.

“I think what they have to do is give the public what we want, which is the general election.

“They have to admit defeat because it seems pretty certain they will lose heavily.

“They must therefore reorganize, update themselves and think carefully about how they can get the public back on board in future elections.”

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