Strictly Janette Manrara and Aljaž Škorjanec

Strictly’s Janette Manrara and Aljaž Škorjanec tell Kate about the early struggles of their long-distance romance, defeating Strictly’s curse and celebrating Christmas on stage with their nationwide live dance show A Christmas to remember

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Video transcription

JANETTE MANRARA: I landed in London. And I thought, the last thing I want to do is date or be with anyone. I just want to enjoy my career, travel the world, see London. I’ve never been to London before. And then Alijaz came along while we were rehearsing in London at the Dance Attic. And when he walked into the room, he had this beautiful tan, tall, dark, white v-neck t-shirt, ripped jeans and sandals because he was in the middle of summer, with a backpack, I mean, gelled, slicked back hair.

And literally, everyone in the room stopped and started looking at him because who is this man who just comes through the door and basically looks like a god. Alijaz came at one point and said, when are you really going to let me buy you a drink? You know, I’d like to take you out for a drink sometime. And I watched it. And I said, absolutely not. For example, I just said no.


JANETTE MANRARA: And then he turned around and said, you know what? One day I will marry you. Look at this face. One day I will marry you. And I just remember I almost drank my wine and I was like, yeah, OK, sure. You know, let’s see when that day really comes.

ALIJAZ SKORJANEC: All I was looking for was love at that moment. And I found it. As soon as I walked into that studio, I said…


ALIJAZ SKORJANEC: –it was like this. From then on, the chase began, Kate.

KATE THORTON: I know you can communicate through the art of dance. But actually, sometimes being able to explain yourself is… it must have been very frustrating not being able to.

ALIJAZ SKORJANEC: My English wasn’t good at all in the beginning.

JANETTE MANRARA: I tried to talk to you.



ALIJAZ SKORJANEC: You did it. Because he came and started trying to talk to me. But at that point, his English extension was hello, goodbye, yes, no, maybe, and thank you, you know?

KATE THORTON: And don’t forget, will you marry me?

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