Small plane makes an emergency landing on the Florida beach

A man was metal-detecting on a beach in St Augustine, Florida, when a plane made an emergency landing right in front of him on Nov. 14.

Joseph Cook recorded this video and originally posted it to Instagram with the caption “I can’t believe this happened.”

The video shows Cook initially documenting himself sweeping the beach with a metal detector before exclaiming and starting to run. A yellow plane can be seen lying upside down on the beach. Cook asks the pilot if he’s okay, and the pilot confirms that he’s okay and explains that he lost his engine.

Cook and a woman can be heard talking about how she initially thought the plane crash was “a strange sounding wave”. Then they comment on how quickly the pilot managed to get off the plane.

According to local news reports, the plane landed upright along the shore but was flipped over by the waves. No injuries were reported. Credit: Joseph Cook via Storyful

Video transcription


JOSEPH COOK: This is old stuff too, you know? Oh, my god, y’all. My God! My God! Guys, someone just crashed! My God! My God! My God! My God! Are you OK? My God. Are you all right, sir?

Yes. I lost the engine, so I started it again.

JOSEPH COOK: Okay. Do you need me to call someone, man?

The tower is aware of this.


So they will send…

How’s your back?


He is also a doctor.

JOSEPH COOK: Okay. She scared the shit out of me. My God. I was about to have a bloody heart attack. I heard that and thought, man, that’s a weird sounding wave. He’s lucky.

My God.

JOSEPH COOK: This terrain is not as soft as it seems. This is lucky.

We had [INAUDIBLE] Problems. As we were walking by, we…were not going to be [INAUDIBLE] his way.

JOSEPH COOK: My God. It gave me a goddamn heart attack. My God. I just got out.

It’s great that you came down then.


I heard you scream. And oh, I’m sorry we got in her way. I didn’t think it was landing or I didn’t know what it was doing.

JOSEPH COOK: Everything happens for a reason. Maybe… maybe if… maybe if you weren’t all there, I assure you, the ground is like hitting a brick. I’m really surprised.

For real?

JOSEPH COOK: Yep, I’m digging it right now. There is nothing but rock below. Oh. He’s so lucky, man. Seriously.

He got out of there in a hurry.

JOSEPH COOK: I heard it. I turned around, he walked away. I can not believe.

I heard him say we were on his way.

JOSEPH COOK: I know he said he’s fine but he needs to be checked just to be sure. With stuff like that, you never know, man.

He got out of there so fast, though. But perhaps because the waves have taken over.

JOSEPH COOK: It was ready to go. I mean, seriously, I flipped in a second. He was already out. He was standing. I did not know. I thought there was someone in there.

He did it right away.

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