Shazam 2 post-credits scenes explained

Ross Butler, Jovan Armand, Meagan Good, Zachary Levi and Grace Caroline Currey in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. (Warner Bros.)

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is the sequel to the 2019 blockbuster DC film that introduced movie audiences to the grown-up superhero, Billy Batson, who has been given magical powers by an ancient wizard. And he’s given us none, not one, but two post-credits stingers that could leave fans feeling hopeful about the future of the Shazam family.

A reboot of the DC universe is currently underway with Marshals James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm. But with Shazam! With the release of Fury of the Gods and The Flash, Blue Beetle and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom still to come, things aren’t quite dead yet for the upcoming DC Extended Universe and its associated projects. Flash seems to be the most consistent way to go from one universe to another without just ignoring what came before, as it opens up the multiverse.

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The post-credits sequences in Shazam! Fury of the Gods proves there’s still room for Billy Batson and his family from Shazam! champions under the new regime. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Shazam! Fury of the Gods mid-credits and post-credits scenes explain what’s going on and what it means for the future of the franchise.

Warning: Spoilers for Shazam! Fury of the Gods coming…

You have been warned.

What happens in Shazam! The end credits scene of Fury of the Gods?

The Shazam! The mid-credits scene of Fury of the Gods shows Amanda Waller’s ARGUS agents John Economos (Steve Agee) and Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) walking through the woods together.

We last saw both characters together in the Peacemaker series created by James Gunn. Both also appeared in his film Suicide Squad, while Harcourt appeared quite recently in Black Adam.

Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt and Steve Agee as John Economos in Peacemaker.  (Sky/HBO)

Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt and Steve Agee as John Economos in Peacemaker. (Sky/HBO)

Harcourt reveals, in a spirited exchange with his colleague, that Waller has sent them to (potentially) recruit the person they’re here to meet as a new member of the “team.”

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Now, as we have established, Amanda Waller heads the US government organization ARGUS. The division uses super-powered individuals to combat major threats, protect the country, and anything else it deems necessary. It is the organization behind Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad, a group of supervillain inmates assembled to do the agency’s bidding, usually highly dangerous covert missions, with the promise of reduced sentences. Threatened with death via head bombs if they disobey orders.

Viola Davis and David Ayer on the set of Suicide Squad (Credit: Warner Bros)

Viola Davis and David Ayer on the set of Suicide Squad (Warner Bros)

But since Billy Batson is a superhero, not a supervillain, and not in prison, we can assume that Waller is recruiting for an alternate team. We also know that he is in charge of the Justice Society, another team but this one incorporates individuals with morally less obscure superpowers, introduced on the big screen in Black Adam.

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They come across Batson in full Shazam form – now officially given the superhero name Shazam by the wizard – and Harcourt announces that they know who he is and have an offer to make.

Wait, is Black Adam’s Justice Society returning?

(Lr) PIERCE BROSNAN as Dr. Fate and ALDIS HODGE as Hawkman in New Line Cinema's action adventure “BLACK ADAM,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Pierce Brosnan’s Dr Fate and Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman are both members of the JSA in Black Adam. (Warner Bros.)

Given Billy’s obsession with the heroes of the Justice League, and Wonder Woman in particular, he interrupts Harcourt before he can finish, agreeing to join.

He is confused when she finishes with “Welcome to the Justice Society”. She explains that the Justice Society is different from the Justice League because of “how words work”. It’s unclear whether she’s in or out when the scene ends, but the sequence establishes her inclusion in the team we first met in Black Adam.

This provides the clearest indication that Shazam will remain a part of the Gunn/Safran-led DCU. If there had been no intention of bringing Shazam into the new DCU, it would have been easy for the bosses to cut this mid-credits scene and simply leave the post-credits sequence intact at the end. If Shazam were to be fired now, it would be a cruel blow to fans to tease more just to shut him down further down the line.

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It gives us reason to wonder if we’ll also see the Justice Society members who were introduced in Black Adam again, of course. Likewise, could we get a Justice Society reboot? Perhaps.

But the Justice Society in its current iteration, with Shazam recruited, could work really well with Gunn’s Task Force X. All of the characters have a sense of humor that is in keeping with Gunn’s approach.

What happens to Shazam! Fury of the Gods post-credits scene?

(LR) ZACHARY LEVI as Shazam and MARK STRONG as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in New Line Cinema's action adventure “SHAZAM!,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.  (© 2019 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.)

Zachary Levi as Shazam with Mark Strong’s Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in the Shazam! (Warner Bros.)

Audience members left wondering what to say about Mister Mind’s teasing during the post-credits sequence of the original Shazam! the film was given some resolution in the post-credits sting of Fury of the Gods.

The scene featured an incarcerated Dr. Sivana – the villain from the first film, played by Mark Strong – still locked up in the same cell two years later, shown by his thick beard and mustache. The walls are still covered in his scribbles, including a picture of Shazam with a noose around his neck.

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The original sting hinted at a team of super-villains that could lead to the formation of the Monster Society of Evil from the comics. In the scene, Mister Mind hinted that he is more powerful than the gods – which Shazam just pitted against in the sequel – and promises Sivana to enjoy reuniting the Seven Kingdoms. The Seven Kingdoms are the Seven Magical Lands from the comics accessed via the Rock of Eternity, where the Shazam family has made their lair.

When Mister Mind reappears in Sivana, he blames his long absence on his slow movement. It is, after all, a two inch long worm. An alien worm with genius-level intellect and telepathic powers, but a worm nonetheless.

Mr Mind is a big bad guy in the world of Shazam!  (Credit: DC Comics)

Mr Mind is a big bad guy in the world of Shazam! (DC comics)

Mister Mind tells Sivana that to implement the perfect plan, “you have to have patience”.

Sivana is eager to learn more about Mister Mind’s plan, but unfortunately for him, Mister Mind leaves him alone once again, saying there is only one more thing he needs to do.

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The purpose of this post-credits sequence may be a way to set up the story for a potential third adventure for Shazam, one we at one point expected to see in the second film, based on the tease of the first sting. And now that we’ve seen more of the Rock of Eternity’s scale in Fury of the Gods, a story about Mister Mind and Sivana attempting to take over the Seven Realms would flow nicely from the end of this movie.

However, it could also just be a fun add-on, tying up the loose ends left by an unexplored post-credits sequence included just for fun. The joke is that Mister Mind is slow and Sivana still has a long wait between those four walls ahead of him.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is in theaters now. Watch a trailer below.

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