Saturday Night Live Fans Petition For George Santos Skit And Want Jon Lovitz To Play Him

Saturday night live fans are urging the sketch show to write a skit based on George Santos.

The US politician has been mired in controversy of late. Santos is under investigation by Long Island prosecutors after revelations surfaced that he lied about his religion, education and profession while campaigning.

The Republican has publicly admitted to fabricating key details in his resume. He insisted, however, that he had committed no crime and still intended to serve in Congress.

For example, in his official biography, Santos mentions that he graduated from Baruch College in New York City with a degree in business and finance.

In a statement sent to NPRBaruch College said it could not find a match for a George Santos born July 22, 1988 and graduated in 2010. Find out everything we know about George Santos here.

Given the recent headlines regarding Santos, SNL fans are urging the show’s writers to cast a comedian as a politician for a sketch.

One person tweeted: “Can’t wait SNL do a skit about George Santos!”

SNL all the writers have to do is put Santos’ public statements into cues and let an actor read them,” said another.

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“When it does SNL send up George Santos? said one person, with someone else writing, “How fun this is going to be SNL did you have fun with George Santos?

Another added: “Sad about what this means to our institutions, but this whole George Santos thing is pretty hilarious and I can’t wait for the SNL cold open.

“I wish Chris Farley was still around to play Santos in a SNL skit,” wrote one fan about the late comedian and SNL alum.

Similarly, another person wrote: “How tragic that Andy Kaufman is not alive to play Santos SNL.”

Comedian Andy Kaufman had made several appearances on the sketch show during its early years in the seventies. He died at the age of 35 in 1984.

Most people, however, said that Jon Lovitz would have been a great Santos. One person wrote: “There is no excuse for SNL not to start their next episode with Jon Lovitz playing George Santos.

“Jon Lovitz should be spoofing George Santos SNL. No one else would be better,” said another.

Someone else wrote, “SNL needs to bring back Jon Lovitz as George Santos for a skit.”

Lovitz, 65, was a member of the cast SNL from 1985 to 1990. He also starred in The critic and A league of their ownand has appeared in multiple episodes of The Simpsons.

Many people have drawn comparisons between Santos and a famous Lovitz character that he created and portrayed on a regular basis SNL: Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar.

Flanagan would tell huge lies in an attempt to appear important. One of these lies was that he was married to actor Morgan Fairchild.

“So it turns out Santos’ boyfriend from New York is actually Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar that Jon Lovitz made famous in SNL”wrote a fan.

Another pressed: “SNLBRINGS BACK Jon Lovitz To Play Santos! It’s his character that comes to life!

Other lies told by Santos concern his work history. The politician said he was a former employee of Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, two companies that have since denied ever working with them.

He’s also lied about being the grandson of Holocaust survivors in at least two interviews this year. Santos is not Jewish. Attempting to defend itself, the To send he quoted Santos as saying, “I’m a Catholic. “I am Catholic. Since I learned that my maternal family had Jewish origins, I said that I was “Jewish”.

Find out more about Santos and the repercussions he faces here.

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