Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster proudly poses at her passing parade with the City of London Police

Penny Lancaster will say she will do about 200 hours of work a year as a special police officer (Isobel Frodsham / PA)

Penny Lancaster was seen beaming at her parade passed out with the City of London Police on Tuesday.

The TV host completed her training to become a Special Cop in April 2021, but only celebrated the milestone 18 months later alongside her husband Sir Rod Stewart, 77.

Lancaster began forcibly volunteering after his appearance on the Channel 4 show Famous And Fighting Crime, in which celebrities swapped their day jobs with those of emergency services professionals.

In a photo shared on Twitter by Care Of Police Survivors (COPS), the former model proudly posed in her ceremonial police uniform while holding her certificate.

“Congratulations to police patron Penny Lancaster on her certificate of fainting,” reads a caption.

Lancaster also posed for a photo with COPS Chief Superintendent Rob Atkin as he celebrated the occasion.

In a video shared online, Lancaster can be seen in the background greeting her singer husband with a hug after the ceremony. Other videos showed the star marching with the shoot.

In November of last year, Stewart talked about her move on The Graham Norton Show, saying, “She’s been training for eight months and she loves it. I supported it all the way.

“He says he loves giving something back, but above all he wants to protect the city he loves.”

The mother of two, who married Stewart in 2007, had previously talked about her new role on BBC One’s Crimewatch Live and said being a parent had helped her.

“That’s about 200 hours a year, which for me equates to one duty a week in the City of London Square Mile, including the bridges there,” he said.

“It is mostly foot patrol, but I also have the opportunity to experience other areas of police such as vehicle work, sniffer dog work and operations such as the London Marathon, Lord Mayor’s Show and the jubilee.

The couple has been married since 2007 (PA)

The couple has been married since 2007 (PA)

“I think being a mom and having the patience and empathy to deal with teenagers especially helps. Most of the time you think about the police and the crime, but you are dealing with the victims. “

Lancaster took to the streets of central London last month as part of the police force controlling the Queen’s funeral procession.

She was photographed making her way through the busy crowd in the surrounding area of ​​Westminster and Buckingham Palace wearing her red and white checkered sleeve and force cap headbands.

The video footage also showed her together with another member of the City of London police, moving among the audience members waiting to see the procession pass.

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