Reilly Opelka takes another jab at doubles players saying they ‘are the highest paid athletes in the world’

Reilly Opelka shares a carefree moment Credit: Alamy

Reilly Opelka isn’t really a fan of doubles in tennis as the American has once again “cast shade” on the format.

In October Opelka made her feelings about doubles clear when she decided to comment on a post about Belgian Xavier Malisse coming out of retirement to play doubles at the European Open in Antwerp.


�� Credit: Alamy

�� Credit: Alamy

” she wrote sarcastically and later added that the tweet was not aimed at Malisse, but at the dubs, saying: “It was just throwing shade on the dubs in general. Not X, this is a legend.

And he’s once again taken aim at the format and doubles players with the latest round of criticism starting when he created a poll asking, “Which one is harder?” Pickleball or doubles? The latter was voted tougher as he garnered an overwhelming 80.6% of the vote.

One user then asked Opelka about playing doubles at Grand Slams, writing, “I think you would be a top 5 doubles player if you wanted to, probably more fun to play a non-strenuous match on your slam off days than to practice , everyone in the world would like to play with you, and there is money in it.

The world number 38 replied: “There are too many $$ in voiceovers.”

He then doubled down, stating, “Dubs players are the highest paid athletes in the world.”

Opelka enjoyed his best season on the ATP Tour this year, winning two singles titles – the Dallas Open and the US Men’s Clay Court Championships – and also finished second at the Delray Beach Open.

In terms of prize money, the 2022 US Open singles champions received $2,600,000 while the winning doubles team earned $688,000. At an ATP Masters 1000 event such as the Indian Wells Open, the singles winners received checks for $1,231,245 while the doubles team received $426,010.

Opelka received $90,495 for winning the US Men’s Clay Court Championship in April, while doubles winners earned $31,440.

And when asked why he thinks they are overpaid, he replied: “They don’t sell a singles ticket outside the UK, unless singles play doubles. For example, Indian Wells.

Someone then took aim at the American who serves a lot, stating: “Yes, but it’s just bad marketing by the ATP. The double is so much more fun than watching some explosive 7-foot aces all day…

�� Credit: Alamy

�� Credit: Alamy

And Opelka’s final answer on the matter was: “Okay… but for some reason when I play [Daniil] Medvedev, Casper [Ruud]or Raffa [Nadal] people seem to be watching… the voice actors don’t get the opportunity to play those matches.

And for the record, Opelka has played doubles matches on the ATP Tour and won the AT 250 Atlanta Open partnering Jannik Sinner in 2021, while also holding three runners-up trophies.

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