PlayStation dualsense controller price and release date confirmed – here’s how to pre-order

The controller comes with a carrying case and numerous customizable accessories (The Independent)

PlayStation has announced that its first high-performance and highly customizable game controller, the dualsense edge, will launch early next year and pre-orders are now active on PS Direct.

Made with the PlayStation 5 in mind, the dualsense edge is a premium-level game controller, positioned similarly to the elite gamepad that Xbox owners will already be familiar with.

Unveiled by PlayStation at Gamescom this summer, the gamepad has a range of hardware and software-based customization options for a more personalized gaming experience. This includes triggers and sticks with adjustable sensitivity and dead zones, interchangeable stick caps and the ability to re-map or disable buttons, as well as rear sticks with mappable inputs.

In a PlayStation blog post, the company said: “Built with high performance and customization in mind, the dualsense edge wireless controller for PS5 invites you to create your own unique gaming experiences through custom controls tailored to your play style.” .

To find out how to pre-order the dualsense edge controller and how much it will cost, continue reading the rest of this article.

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PlayStation dualsense edge controller: £ 209.99, – available January 26, 2023

    (Play station)

(Play station)

The dualsense edge has been described as PlayStation’s “first high-performance, ultra-customizable controller” for the company’s PS5 console.

Designed for PS5 gamers looking for a more personalized experience, the controller features remappable buttons, as well as toggles and triggers that can be adjusted for sensitivity, dead zones and travel distance.

In addition to the controller itself, orders for the dualsense edge will come with additional features, to make it more customizable:

Pre-orders will begin on October 25, 2022 with order shipping scheduled for the January 26, 2023 release date.

For now, the edge controllers can only be purchased directly through PlayStation, but the company said it plans to release the accessories to select retailers starting February 23, 2023.

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