Pele says he is strong and following his cancer treatment

Rio de Janeiro, 3 December (EFE).- The Brazilian ex-futbolista Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pelé’, hospitalized every Tuesday and for good health, has been a reason for concern throughout the world, affirmed this Saturday on a reassuring mensaje that it is “fuerte ” ” and following treatment for colon cancer that was diagnosed in 2021.

“My friends, I want to keep them calm to all and with positive thinking. I’m strong, with much hope and treat me as always,” the 82-year-old world three-campaigner affirmed in a message that he posted on his Instagram account so much Portuguese as in English.

Considered by many to be the best soccer player of all time, he enhanced the messages he received from me, as well as the medical team and the patients who treated him in the Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo, in which he was infected by hammers for a respiratory infection.

“Tengo mucha fe en Dios y cada mensaje de amor que recibo de ustedes, fermentes de todo el mundo, me maintain lleno de energía. Ya asistir a Brasil en el Mundial también”, aseguró.

The tranquilizer message that came up with a published version was sabado by the diary Folha de Sao Paulo which assures that the tri-world champion is not responding to the treatment of quimiotherapy which is something, because his doctors opted to suspend him and offer him palliative care .

Shortly before his own Pelé pronounced himself, a medical bulletin disclosed by Albert Einstein informed that the former footballer was stable and responded well to the procedures with the one who was treating the respiratory infection.

Pelé “has held a good answer also to those cared for in respiratory infection, he has not presented any work on his cuadro in the last 24 hours”, adds the bulletin.

The ex-futbolista attended monthly at the same hospital for the sessions of quimiotherapy with which he is treating a cancer in the colon that was diagnosed in September 2021 and his family members ensured that the new hospitalization is routine.

Santos’ Torcida Jovem, one of the main organizers of the Brazilian club in which Pelé has been immortalized, has called this Saturday a vigil for the health of the tri-world champion in front of the hospital he entered.

Los aficionados del Santos, club with which Pelé conquered 45 titles, including two de la Libertadores y dos del Mundial de Clubes, pretending to concentrate in front of Albert Einstein for unas tres horas starting at 10.00 local time (13.00 GMT) on Sunday .

The former footballer’s health has deteriorated in recent years also due to other causes, such as problems with his spine, cadence and cane, which have reduced his mobility and he has been forced to go through the quirófano, in addition to suffering from some renal crisis.

Ello has drastically reduced his public appearances, although he remains very active on social networks.

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