Our Planet by David Attenborough is renewed with the announcement of new programs by Netflix

Netflix has confirmed a second series of Sir David Attenborough’s Our Planet among a series of new natural history documentary programs.

As part of its push into the genre, the streaming giant has ordered six new projects to premiere over the next few years.

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman will narrate two: the first is a six-part series, Our Universe, which will launch on November 22.

It will use groundbreaking animations to dramatize the celestial forces that spawned our solar system, while modern cameras and CGI technology will bring audiences up close and personal with some of Earth’s most charismatic animals.

Morgan will also voice the new Life On Our Planet series, which will arrive on the streamer next year.

The eight-part series will tell the story of life’s battle to survive on Earth, using technology and science to revive long-extinct creatures.

Morgan Freeman will narrate two new series (PA)

Our Planet II will also be launched next year by the Emmy Award-winning team behind the show’s first series and Planet Earth.

When it launches next year, the next four-part installment, narrated by Sir David, will explore how and why animals migrate.

More than 100 million families have tuned in to the first Our Planet series since its release in April 2019, Netflix said.

The streamer is also doubling down on the “Our” brand, with Our Oceans, Our Living World and Our Water arriving on the platform in 2024 and 2025.

Our oceans will explore the world of wonders that lies beneath the waves, while our living world will reveal the connections that unite us all and sustain life in our universe.

Our Water World, which premieres in 2025, will look at the freshwater systems that help our planet thrive, led by Blue Planet II executive producer James Honeyborne.

Life On Our Planet will arrive on streamer next year (Netflix / PA)

Life On Our Planet will arrive on streamer next year (Netflix / PA)

Adam Del Deo, Vice President of Documentary Series at Netflix, said, “We are thrilled to deepen our commitment to major natural history documentaries with six new series premiering over the next few years, starting November 22 with the epic. history of our universe, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

“Nature documentaries can help us explore, discover and appreciate the wonders and complexities of the world around us.

“The stories are limitless: they span the arc of history from the earliest origins of the Earth, to the environments we live in now, to the planet we are creating for the future.

“With extraordinary film production and innovative technologies, these film documentaries bring even the most exotic or microscopic creatures of the natural world within reach.

“It’s no surprise that audiences around the world love movies and series about the world …

“Led by visionary producers and voiced by iconic storytellers, these new stories are sure to fascinate and entertain viewers of all ages.”

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