Naomi Alderman’s novel ‘The Future’ is slated for next fall

NEW YORK (AP) – Writer Naomi Alderman is a “what if” writer, as in: What if women were able to release electricity through their fingers, the premise of her acclaimed bestseller “The Power”?

For his next book, simply and descriptively titled “The Future,” he imagined a handful of thieves – including an unhappy spouse and a deposed executive – overthrowing the masters of Silicon Valley and leading the tech world themselves.

“I’ve seen the rise of these companies that started with people roaming the internet and now I’m looking at them. How did we get to this point, “the British author said in a recent telephone interview.” Many of them seem to be using their companies for nefarious purposes, such as destabilizing democracies and radicalizing people in all sorts of directions. So I was thinking if there was a way to make them work better. “

Simon & Schuster announced the novel on Tuesday, calling it a blend of “intelligence and storytelling, marrying thrilling narrative propulsion with an intellectually dazzling critique of the world we have made, in which a few billionaires profit from the lives of many and gladly guide us. to our ruin ”.

The publication of “The Future” is scheduled for autumn 2023.

Alderman, 48, is also known for “The Liars’ Gospel” and “Disobedience” adapted into a film starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams. An Amazon Prime Video series based on “The Power” is slated for next year after a long delay caused in part by the pandemic and the departure of actors Leslie Mann and Tim Robbins. They were replaced by Toni Collette and Josh Charles.

The pandemic also disrupted his own writing. Alderman was working on a novel – tentatively called “The Survivals” – about tech billionaires fleeing a deadly plague, but edited it after a real one spread in early 2020. The tech leaders remain, but the pandemic was decentralized and the “book certainly became less obscure,” mainly because Alderman wanted to “find some hope,” he explained.

“The Future” is her first novel after “The Power”, published in 2016 and written under the guidance of Margaret Atwood. Alderman’s books expressed a kind of alternative view to that of Atwood, who envisioned the worst in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Oryx and Crake”, among others.

“Margaret has extensively talked about how bad it can be, so we don’t need a lesser writer to do it,” says Alderman. “I am interested in the most radical ideas on how we can improve things and what are the paths we can pursue”.

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