‘Moratti the best, Serie A exploits the passion of the people. I have been in therapy for two years for the traumas of that time ‘

Dazn’s documentary, the words to the Gazzetta dello Sport. The former Inter striker, Luis Nazario from Lima, or rather Ronaldo the Phenomenonhe spoke in the round about how he lived, lives and will turn football, also revealing a background on the problems he had on the pitch.

They beat a lot – “I come from a generation in which they beat a lot on the pitch. My mother. The matches weren’t like today when there are 15-20 cameras, in a Clásico 60, at the World Cup one thousand. Today you can see everything. they threatened, spat at you, stamped your feet, beat you. I grew up as a survivor. “

GLADIATOR – “I felt exactly like that. We were like warriors, they threw us into the arena to see who came out alive. The pressure I had on me was pushing me further and further down and such a young boy does not know how to be, how to face such big things . Today all the teams have a psychologist, we were alone, no one talked about mental health. I had a lot of effort, and I learned so much to get slapped everywhere. Two and a half years ago I started therapy and it got me helped to better understand what I heard before “.

MORATTI AND NOT ONLY – “My professors as president? The best, a school of the highest level. I start with the last one, Andres Sanchez of Corinthians, today my great friend, revolutionized the club. And I return to one of the first, José Luis Nuñez at Barcelona, I didn’t get on well with him: I was only one year and it was to make me understand how things shouldn’t be done. Where I found Massimo Moratti. I had an incredible, incredible human relationship with him. He was one of the most important people in my life. How he treated us, how he spoke to us, how he treated us, how he worried about us. also with Florentino Perez: he started the modern era of football, with the “Galacticos” and the development of the commercial area never exploited until then. He started to monetize the image of the players “.

BERLUSCONI – “I have been to Milan, but I have little to no great anecdotes: they were in the locker room telling us how the corners were to arrive. There were a few games that we didn’t score on corners and it was he who showed us how they were shot. Ancelotti, a Incredible teacher who always knew everything, made us listen. He said “Yes, yes, yes.” Then, when Berlusconi came out: “Let’s go back to our things”.

GUARDIOLA IN BRAZIL – “Well, if I would like it, I would be enthusiastic. I think that a European, someone like Pep or Ancelotti, could do something incredible for the Brazilian national team and for the Brazilian football industry, could change the history of our football for the next few cents. ‘years”.

SERIE A – “I watch Serie A and also Serie B carefully, because I am a football addict, but above all because I have a special relationship with Italy. The timing is complicated, but I think not all evils added to harm. The fact that Italy did not qualify for the World Cup for consecutive genders a debate on what needs to be done and I believe that now everyone has it in mind. The league must improve and to do that there must be more income, the clubs must grow more. We need to invest in young people and in grassroots football, look for more local talent and find a balance between Italians and foreigners. Serie A has been the best league in the world for years and you know how to do things. “

PASSION – “It is true that the football industry has improved a lot all over the world, but Italy has the best quality: passion. People are in love with football and this is the most important thing. Now I see that there are many foreign investors. It is true that Juventus, Milan and Inter have economic difficulties, but I believe that in Italy there is incredible potential, and I think that things can improve quickly: those who invest in Italy today take clubs at an exceptional price and their value will grow tremendously. “.

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