Modder turns jungle animals from League of Legends into Pokemon

Jungle companion Scorchclaw has been reincarnated into Charmander, who transforms into Charizard after evolving into its final form. (Photo: YouTube page of Un Pelotudo Jugando)

It was only a matter of time before jungle animals arrived, one of the newest features League of Legends The 2023 preseason got a mod.

With these pets following junglers as companions, many thought they were reminiscent of Pokémon: You pick a starting pet (in this case, an egg), train and feed it, then it evolves into its first and eventually. its final form.

And with Gustwalker, Mosstomper, and Scorchclaw reminding many of Squirtle (except the element is wind), Bulbasaur, and Charmander, a clever modder has come out with starter Pokémon skins for these pets.

Content creator Un Pelotudo Jugando posted a video of the mod on YouTube and Twitter on Friday night (November 25).

The video showed each starter Pokémon and how they move, receive treats, and evolve into their final form.

The patterns were brought in by a certain Kingshound with Un Pelotudo Jugando. These pet skins look and sound like the starter Pokémon of your choice, but their effects and gameplay remain the same.

“I was disappointed to find that the second evolution doesn’t change the model or the sound effects, so here it is [are] in fact only two models for each pet,” said Un Pelotudo Jugando.

The creator also said that he will release a second version to sync evolution sound with animation.

A Pelotudo Jugando made another one League of Legends mods in the past, including a custom Katarina skin, using Majima from Sega’s Yakuza series.

Does this jungle pet mod pass Pokémon IP rules?

Do you have to catch them all?  Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur starting pokemon as jungle pet mods.  (Photo: YouTube page of Un Pelotudo Jugando)

Do you have to catch them all? Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur starting pokemon as jungle pet mods. (Photo: YouTube page of Un Pelotudo Jugando)

The quick answer is, sadly, no.

“We are unable to review requests to use Pokémon’s intellectual property (including its characters, names, and designs),” the Pokémon Support FAQ page said.

This means that you can’t use anything related to Pokémon’s IP in your project “in any way”.

Is it legal and safe to use mods for League of Legends?

Unlike the Pokémon IP question, using mods for League of Legends is actually a bit of a gray area.

According to Riot Games’ Legal Jibber Jabber, as long as you follow the Terms of Use and use a mod that’s “strictly for non-commercial community use,” it should be fine.

However, the same page also states that Riot has the “right to deny anyone the use of [their] IP at any time, for any reason or no reason”.

This would include decisions where the business thinks you are using IP inappropriately.

This means you can create mods for yourself and share them with the community for free, as long as you comply with Riot’s standards and terms of use.

Riot may also share your mod/creation if they think it’s worth the spotlight, but only after getting your permission.

It also appears that the only free mods allowed at this point are mostly skins.

Most mods also require third-party apps not supported by Riot, such as LCS-Manager and Fantome, so unless you created the skin or got it from someone you trust, you’d be walking across territory not sure.

Software can slow down the performance of your PC, so if you’re not prepared for all of this, it’s generally not recommended to try it.

Either way, it was fun to see our favorite Pokémon roam Summoner’s Rift, even if it was just a skin mod for League’s jungle animals.

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