Millions of people worse off if PIP and disability benefits are tested for income

Millions of Brits unable to make it without disability benefits could see their support reduced if the government were to deviate towards an income-proof system.

Regardless of income, beneficiaries can currently claim up to £ 627 in Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or £ 369 in attendance allowance per month.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt warned Thursday that there would be “tough decisions” in sight as the government tries to “restore stability” after interest rates have been pushed to their highest point since the 1980s.

Attention has now turned to the Autumn Budget, which will see the Treasury outline its spending plans for the year ahead, with the government expected to propose a package of sweeping cuts as it seeks to plug a £ 50 billion chasm. in the finances of the nation.

Amid fears that vital public services could bear the brunt of the cuts, anxiety about the future of access to disability benefits further increased after the Department of Labor and Pensions (DWP) refused to rule out that various disability benefits were subjected to income tests.

Mel Stride, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, addressed questions in the House of Commons this week about the annual increase in state pensions, the cost of living, the use of pension credit and benefits.

Shadow Labor Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Jonathan Ashworth asked: “Can you provide a categorical assurance that, in the autumn declaration, it will exclude payments for personal independence, caregiver allowance, l attendance allowance and subsistence allowance for disability Children? “

“The premier tells us that we do not need political elections because the 2019 manifesto gives a mandate to him and the conservative party. Since that manifesto was committed to Triple Lock, why can’t it give retirees the reassurance they deserve?

Mr Stride bypassed this, but did not rule out that the benefits could be tested.

Responding to Mr. Ashworth, Mr. Stride said: “The right honorable gentleman is urging me, in a whole range of areas, to break with what has been a very long and entirely fair convention about which ministers simply do not provide continuous commentary on what may or may not. it may be in a major tax event.

“However, he has my personal assurance that when and if such information is appropriate, he will be the first to know.”

It is estimated that around 2.9 million people rely on PIP payments, while another 1.8 million people apply for the attendance allowance.

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