Microsoft adds AI to search engine, challenges Google

STORY: In one of its major efforts to lead a new wave of technology and reshape the way people gather information, Microsoft said on Tuesday it was revamping its Bing search engine and Edge Web browser with a new update, powered by artificial intelligence.

Microsoft has announced that it will use technology from its partnership with startup OpenAI, to bring ChatGPT-like technology to the Microsoft search engine… with the goal of overtaking its main rival, Google.

Reuters Technology correspondent Jeffrey Dastin was in Redmond, Washington for the announcement.

“The company announced essentially its biggest challenge for Google by planning to launch and implement a search engine and web browser fully imbued with artificial intelligence. So the idea is that Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Edge web browser they will have chatbot style functionality, kind of like the ChatGPT chatbot feel.

OpenAI made a preview of ChatGPT available for public use late last year. His human responses to any suggestion gave people new ways to think about the possibilities of marketing, writing term papers or spreading the news.

DASTIN: “The technology known as ChatGPT that many of us have played with, experimented with, is itself based on a system that is actually a few years old. And the creator of that technology, OpenAI, has been continuously working to improve it, not just in the version we see online today, but in things that haven’t been released yet. And also, for example, in this next search engine Bing. So essentially — there’s going to be a more advanced version of that powerful AI in Microsoft’s new search engine. Though one important thing to note is that he still has a lot to learn. It still depends on the feedback so that it can provide factual and better answers to the consumers.

The Bing chatbot will help users refine questions more easily, provide more relevant updated results, and even make shopping easier.

“For example, if you want to know if a car seat fits the rear of your particular vehicle, knowing the information you give it will give you an answer so you don’t have to try to make sense of several web pages on your own .

Bing lags far behind Google in search market share. But artificial intelligence could alter the landscape.

“Artificial intelligence is essentially the frontier right now in search engine technology. So Google was the number one provider for years.


“Bing — with Microsoft’s search engine — is trying to change that. And the idea is that if AI can help you answer things that don’t already exist on the web, and it can create all sorts of new experiences and features like email-typesetting and translation, and even shopping lists and shopping help, so Microsoft hopes it can earn, share, and compete with Google.

Google on Monday unveiled its own chatbot called Bard… and plans to release artificial intelligence for its search engine.

But it remains to be seen which AI-powered search engine it will prefer in the long run.

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