Matthew Perry was rejected by Jennifer Aniston years before the filming of Friends

Matthew Perry revealed that he asked to date Jennifer Aniston and was turned down before they appeared Friends together.

The couple starred together in the hit sitcom from 1994 to 2004.

In an excerpt from his memoirs Friends, lovers and the great terrible thing Posted in TimesPerry explained that only he and Aniston knew each other prior to the show, having met three years earlier through mutual acquaintances.

“I was immediately hooked on her (how could I not be?) And I liked her, and I got the feeling that she was intrigued too – maybe that would have been something,” he said.

At the time, Perry had just found out he had a part in a sitcom and called Aniston, saying, “‘You’re the first person I wanted to tell.’

“Bad idea,” he wrote. “I could hear the ice forming through the phone. Looking back, it was clear that this made her think I liked her too much or the wrong way … and I only compounded her mistake by asking her out.

“She refused (which made dating her very difficult), but said she would like to be friends with me, and I compounded the compound by saying, ‘We can’t be friends!'”

Perry and Aniston in 1998 (Getty Images)

Perry said his attraction to Aniston didn’t fade, but that the couple were “able to navigate past the past and focus on the fact that we both got the best job Hollywood had to offer” on friendS.

He continued: “Pretty early in the making Friends I realized I was still doing Jennifer Aniston badly. Our greetings and farewells have become awkward. And then I was wondering, how long can I watch it? Is three seconds too long?

“But that shadow disappeared in the warm glow of the show. (That, and his deafening lack of interest.) “

Perry wasn’t the only one Friends cast member who was attracted to Aniston.

Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox in 1996, the year 'Friends' started (AFP via Getty Images)

Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox in 1996, the year ‘Friends’ started (AFP via Getty Images)

Appearing on the show’s reunion special last year, David Schwimmer and Aniston revealed that they almost had a secret off-screen romance during the show’s first seasons.

“Season 1 I had a huge crush on Jen – we were both crushing hard on each other, but it was like two ships were passing by because one of us was always in a relationship and we never crossed that line,” she said. Schwimmer.

Aniston said the actor’s feelings were “reciprocated”, adding that the couple “would have fallen asleep on the couch” together during rehearsal breaks.

Matthew Perry: Friends, lovers and the great terrible thing comes out on October 28th.

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