Man jailed for threatening bailiffs and police at gunpoint in south east London

Richard Todd (Police Encountered)

A man has been jailed after threatening bailiffs and police officers with a loaded gun in south east London.

Richard Todd, 52, was sentenced to five years in prison following the “terrifying” incident, which occurred when two county bailiffs visited his home in Foxberry Road, Brockley, on 16 February.

They arrived to execute a property repossession warrant, but upon entering the building they were confronted by Todd who was holding a gun.

They left the property and called the police.

Firearms officers were brought to the scene, where they too were met by Todd who pointed his gun at them.

The gun used by Todd to threaten bailiffs and officers (Met Police)

The gun used by Todd to threaten bailiffs and officers (Met Police)

The officers spoke with him, and after an “intense confrontation” that lasted about 20 minutes, he put down his gun and was quickly arrested.

Officers searched his home and found additional ammunition – 25 rounds and 24 shotgun shells – along with a bulletproof vest.

The gun was sent in for forensic examination and was found to be a revolver-style air pistol that had been converted into a viable lethal firearm. It was loaded with six rounds of live ammunition.

He was charged two days later and jailed.

Todd was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on 19 December to five years’ imprisonment.

He had pleaded guilty in a previous hearing to two counts of possession of a firearm with intent to instill fear of violence, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of ammunition without a certificate.

Some of the ammunition found at the scene (Met Police)

Some of the ammunition found at the scene (Met Police)

Detective Constable Theo Green, from the South Eastern Command Unit, said: ‘No one expects to have a gun pointed at them as they go about their work. This must have been a truly terrifying experience for the two bailiffs.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to commend my colleagues at Firearms Command who responded that day. The composure they displayed and their ability to talk down a gunman shows true professionalism. The result of that day could have been very different.

Investigative Chief Superintendent Donna Smith, of the Met’s Firearm Command, added, “This incident demonstrates the courage and professionalism of our firearms officers, who deal with incidents like this on a daily basis to protect the public and unarmed officers.

“This was one of approximately 4,000 spontaneous firearms incidents we have responded to over the past 12 months and shows how our officers will use their communication skills to de-escalate and conclude an incident safely. I’m extremely proud of their response that day.”

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