Lukaku’s return to date is a failure. All the questions about his future at Inter

Romelu Lukaku’s return to Inter has been a failure from all points of view for nowin favor of those who have always fought against heated soups. The new stop of the Belgian center forward is a ballast for the Nerazzurri, who in the summer have concentrated all their energy – or almost – to tackle the loan deal with Chelsea. In fact, when in Viale della Liberazione they began to believe that the deal was possible, they overshadowed all other negotiations. With the approval of Inzaghi, of course, eager to get Big Rom back, who had bewitched him in those first days of retirement last season, before he put his foot down to be able to crown his “dream in blue”.

ILLUSIONS CONTINUES – In his mind, the Nerazzurri coach had imagined another film, certainly with Lukaku the absolute protagonist of his attack. It didn’t happen like that, the first three months of the striker at Inter were disastrous, with the shred of two goals scored and 256 minutes spent on the pitch. The minutes spent in the infirmary, however, are not even counted. Lukaku had returned against Viktoria Plzen, passing a sponge on the yellow of his injury, a muscular distraction (annoyance accused in training, after the match of 26 August against Lazio) that should have kept him away from the fields until the challenge against Roma, scheduled for last October 1st. But after Inter’s social launches and those of Lukaku himself, with the panther and the watch, the Nerazzurri had to revise their initial plans and the player’s return was postponed for another month, to October 26, in fact. Do you ever come? From Inter they have always and only talked about prudence. Strange. But everything seemed to be behind us now, because beyond the physical condition, Lukaku had returned and had done so by scoring. The umpteenth illusion of a troubled season, because at the second appearance, the one against Sampdoria, Lukaku accused the classic relapse. A problem that will keep him out until the stopbecause if it is true that he could perhaps be called up for the match against Atalanta, it is equally true that the athletic condition of the player was already lackluster before this umpteenth stop, let alone later.

LEGITIMATE DOUBTS – And in light of all these problems, it is natural that one wonders about Lukaku’s future, but perhaps also about the past. Is it just bad luck? How come with Conte and Pintus he hadn’t accused all these annoyances? The maniacality of the Lecce technical tel and his staff, also with regard to the footballer’s nutritional plan, have certainly brought benefits to Lukaku, who had never shone like that before. Lukaku’s physical structure is that of an American football player, Conte always repeated. His musculature is different from all the others and consequently the care also requires more attention and details. Is Lukaku still willing to make those sacrifices? Inter have bet on it, it is true, the operation with Chelsea is onerous on loan, but the pacts made between Ledure, Marotta and Boehly foresee that the circle will close first with the renewal of the loan in 2023-24 and then with the definitive redemption in 2024-25. In short, the Lukaku operation also provides for good neighborly ties, a “political” operation that Inter must evaluate well and Lukaku himself will have the whole second part of the season to convince everyone, including the fans, that his redemption by Inter is good and right.

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