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Search all night after a deadly explosion hits Jersey

Rescuers in Jersey searched overnight for any survivors of a “devastating” explosion that flattened a low-rise apartment building, killing at least three people. Security camera footage showed a fireball engulfing the three-storey building in the Channel Island port capital, St Helier, leaving several people missing. The blast occurred at around 4am (0400 GMT), hours after a gas leak was reported in the Bayside block. “The area is lit up and crews will be working tonight, all night, and we’re not stopping for now,” fire chief Paul Brown told reporters. Prime Minister Kristina Moore confirmed at least three fatalities and noted that Jersey was already reeling from the sinking of a fishing vessel this week in which three men were lost. Nearby resident Anthony Abbott said the windows of his apartment were shattered in the blast wave, “and there was fire everywhere outside.” “It was very, very distressing,” she told the BBC. “I’m a little shocked, but we’re lucky to be okay.” Jersey gas supplier Island Energy said it was working with firefighters to figure out what happened. The fire was extinguished but emergency services were carrying out “significant work” at the scene and the rescue operation could take days, police said. – Tragic Week – Jersey Police Chief Robin Smith likened the remains of the apartment building to a “pancake”. “There’s also damage to a nearby building, another block of flats that firefighters need to secure,” he said. “It’s a pretty devastating scene, I’m sorry to say.” Smith said on Saturday that “about a dozen” people are missing, “but you will also appreciate that the number could fluctuate.” Two others were taken to hospital but later released. Specialist equipment was mobilized to find anyone trapped in the rubble, according to police, aided by a southern England urban search and rescue team. The prime minister expressed his condolences and said that residents displaced by the blast had been found somewhere to stay. “It will take a few days and we will keep everyone updated and fully informed, and we will do our best to ensure everyone is properly cared for,” Moore said. The incident caps a tragic week for Jersey, a non-UK Crown Dependency whose economy is based on banking, tourism and fishing. The Coast Guard on Friday abandoned the search for three missing Jersey fishermen for nearly 36 hours after their wooden boat hit a cargo ship and sank. The freighter is owned by Condor Ferries, whose Jersey offices are located near the destroyed apartment building. “We must call upon the collective strength of the island community,” Moore said. jit/jj

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