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The doorbell camera captures a street robbery that left a man “asking for help” on the ground

A retiree was shocked after his Ring doorbell camera caught a shocking street robbery right outside his home.

The OAP was stunned when it noticed that the crime was taking place outside its front door in Albion Place, Ramsgate, Kent, which left a man begging for help ashore.

Chilling footage shows two men approaching the lone victim as he walks down the street before he is grabbed from behind by a hooded assailant.

The man is then dragged to the ground in front of a parked car as the pair of thugs seem to rummage in his pockets and are told “where is your wallet?”

The victim repeatedly yells “help, help, help” but no one comes to his aid before he exclaims, “Oh fucking hell”.

The two hooded individuals escaped to a park but it is unclear what effects they left, if any, after the attack at 10:30 pm on Friday (21/10).

The 70-year-old homeowner had looked out the window when he heard the commotion but couldn’t see anything, so I double-checked the doorbell footage.

He immediately called the police and ambulance service, but the victim had already left the area when he hung up.

The retiree, who does not want to be named, said: “I was watching TV and I heard shouting outside the house.

“I looked out the window, but in the dimly lit street, I couldn’t see anything unpleasant.

“I opened my Ring doorbell video app and was horrified to see the recording of the robbery and the victim being dragged.

“All the while, all I could hear was a man screaming” help, help, help. “

“After seeing the tape, I looked out the window again and could see where the victim was lying, so I called 999.

“When I hung up from the phone call, I looked out the window one last time and the victim was nowhere to be seen.

“It has reinforced the danger of this area after sunset.

“There are no CCTV cameras, no police patrols, and the council allows the park’s trees and shrubs to grow, creating hidden zones. Drug deals are prolific.

“Seeing the attack scared me. At 70, it’s not safe here.

“After he called 999, someone came to his aid and staggered away.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police received a third party report at 10:44 pm on Friday 21 October 2022 after it was reported that the doorbell footage would have captured a person being assaulted.

“The victim would then have left the area after being picked up by a person driving a vehicle.

“No further information was provided and no other reports were received.”< /p>

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