Inter vs Viktoria Plzen, live scores and latest updates from the Champions League match that can knock Barcelona out

Inter Milan’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan celebrates his first goal – Reuters / Reuters


62 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

Dumfries plays the give and go with Barella throwing himself on the right wing. He shoots a dangerous cross to the rear which Hejda leads behind in front of the lurking presence of veteran striker Dzeko.


60 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

There is no chance that Viktoria Plzen will come back in this game: they don’t have the qualities to really test the hosts. Unfortunately it is more a question of how many goals the Italians want to score tonight.

Martinez and Dumfries are causing them real problems.


58 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

Once again for Dimarco it was an excellent cross-ball. At the first half on the fly he puts it on a plate for Martinez and his shot is well saved from the feet of Stanek.


56 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

Out of the mail

Mkhitaryan touches the second goal of the match: two heel strikes and intelligent passes while Inter look for an opportunity with Skriniar, Barella and Martinez.

The Armenian shoots from a distance and shoots from the pole.


54 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

Dimarco is causing a lot of problems on that left side. He tries a cut that is rejected well by Hejda.


52 min Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

Tijani is injured but there are big cheers from the home fans as Lukaku is warming up.

Who knows if he’ll get minutes from the injury tonight?


50 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

The Czech team has height in the area and is physically strong, but three of their corners are resolved.

Pernica is cautioned for poking Dumfries overhead.


47 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

Something had to change for the Czech team, as Bassey and Jirka hang out with Chory and Holik for guests.


45 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

The match at San Siro restarts. Is there still a return from Vikotria Plzen?

Barcelona hope so!


AT: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

The hosts have to win tonight to qualify and appear to have closed the first half at San Siro.

They played well and appear to have complete control against the Czech side, which sadly offers almost nothing.

The intern is likely to get more if he likes to hammer his weak opponents.


44 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0

I hate to say it, but Viktoria Plzen is desperate. Visitors know they are out and don’t have the quality to compete. Bassey has a tame long-range shot that absorbs the Czech team.

Put simply, they don’t have enough.


42 min: Inter 2 Viktoria Plzen 0


Wow – what a goal and Dzeko scores from close range.

Barella plays an exceptional pass on Dimarco: he checks him and puts him on a plate for Dzeko to touch home.

Shoot, score – they made it look so easy.

Surely this will be the end of Barcelona’s Champions League campaign?

Edin Dzeko scores the second goal - Daniele Mascolo / Reuters

Edin Dzeko scores the second goal – Daniele Mascolo / Reuters

Inter players celebrate after Inter center Edin Dzeko scored his team's second goal - Luca Bruno / AP

Inter players celebrate after Inter center Edin Dzeko scored his team’s second goal – Luca Bruno / AP


40 min: Inter 1 Viktoria Plzen 0

Inter Milan were by far the superior team: the guests have men behind the ball but suddenly they are there as normal when Dimarco steps forward.

His cross finds Martinez who puts him on the side field.


38 min: Inter 1 Viktoria Plzen 0

It was a big block when goalscorer Mkhitaryan crosses and Martinez powers it on the fly – it could be a header, but Hejda blocks brilliantly.


35 min: Inter 1 Viktoria Plzen 0


He’s coming – again Bastoni comes out of defense and overlaps Dimarco, crosses to the far post where Mkhitaryan is waiting and heads.

Inter get the goal they deserve, it’s not good news for Barcelona.

Inter Milan's Henrikh Mkhitaryan celebrates his first goal: Daniele Mascolo / Reuters

Inter Milan’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan celebrates his first goal: Daniele Mascolo / Reuters


30 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

So far the hosts have had 61% of possession and it seems that the Czech side have not touched him in years and are expecting to block crosses.


27 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Mkhitaryan still combines with Martinez, is another two and the former Man Utd is in but is saved by Stanek who is only offside.

It was Inter’s fluid and fast football.


24 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

It was great football so far from the hosts: Martinez combines with Dimarco and shoots but Stanek saves.

Immediately after a cross is put in and Mkhitaryan heads from close range, but the goalkeeper reacts well.

The only two chances of the match come in the same minute.


22 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

It is a risky game that Viktoria Plzen is playing. Clearly they want to play out of the drop-outs, but it is a dangerous tactic as Inter are pressing hard and setting traps for them.

Dimarco has too much space on the left with this quality of cross to stop quickly.


19 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

The guests are now really deep and Inter react when Bastori comes out of the back with the ball to try to overload the left with Dimarco.

The Italian crosses Dumfries, but the flag goes offside.


17 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Barella picks it up deep and pushes forward before slipping a ball that aims at Martinez behind the Argentine striker who is tripped on the edge of the area by Tijani.


15 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Dimarco puts in another sublime cross – Dzeko is hoping for more of those as the left-back is finding a lot of space on that side.


13 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Dzeko, the veteran forward, has always been brilliant in keeping the game and hasn’t lost touch. He is holding back the passes on him and therefore Inter can take his bodies forward. He has no rhythm, but Martinez does and they look like a good combination in attack.


11 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

The guests are having a decent period here – they have stopped rushing their forward passes and are holding it up well in midfield.

Havel throws a great ball but is blocked by Skriniar at the far post.


10 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Viktoria Plzen is more positive, recovering the ball in a decent area but lacking quality in the last third to bring down Inter’s defense.

Bucha and Kalvach are certainly working hard in midfield.


8 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Although the hosts dominated possession early on, they suddenly gave the ball away three times in their own half in the last minute or so. The guests end up running their chances to move forward and return possession to Inter.

Dumfries overlaps Barella and makes a decent run but the pass is too heavy: he was behind the defense of the guests there.


6 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Attentive spectators may notice that Inter boss Inzaghi is not on the bench tonight as the Italian was sent off in the last Champions League against Barcelona.


4 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

Inter dominated ball possession as expected with their technical central midfielders. Their full backs Dimarco and Dumfries provide the width: Dimarco just threw a sublime ball into the area but no player in black and blue could get there.


2 min: Inter 0 Viktoria Plzen 0

First attempt of the game blocked, on a right-footed shot from outside the box by Çalhanoglu, well assisted by Henrikh Mkhitaryan.


Kick off

The famous Champions League anthem played and we are leaving

The ball is rolling at the San Siro stadium!


The last time

Inter won 0-2 in Plzen when they faced each other on the second day: the Nerazzurri were at ease throughout the game with over 70% of possession, but the hosts dropped to ten men in the last 30 minutes of play.

Edin Dzeko and Denzel Dumfires scored goals that night.


Viktoria Plzen team news

Viktoria Plzen from the 11th: Stanok; Hejda, Pernica, Tijani; Havel, Kalvach, Bucha, Mosquera; Jirka, Vlkanova, Bassey

Substitutes: Pilar, Tvrdon, Chory, Jedlicka, Jemelka, Cermak, Holik, N’diaye


How Inter line up

Inter starting from the 11th: Onana; Sticks, Skriniar, Acerbi; Dumfries, Barella, Mkhitaryan, Calhanoglu, Dimarco; Dzeko, Lautaro

Substitutes: Handanovic, Gagliardini, De Vrij, Gosens, Correa, Bellanova, Asllani, Cordaz, D’Ambrosio, Darmian, Lukaku.


Have a good evening

About to reach the Champions League knockout stage for the second consecutive year, Inter will host the useless Viktoria Plzen at San Siro tonight.

After taking four points from Barcelona in two epic matches, Inter can sign progress with a third win in five Group C matches; Plzen are out of the game, but they could still snatch a place in the Europa League thanks to an important series of events.

The home win over Barcelona ignited a belief in the team that has become a budding confidence. Inter have not played consistently with this level of bravado or perseverance for probably about a year.

The last episode was a dramatic 4-3 win to the last breath in Florence over a Fiorentina who was playing with desperation after a terrible start to the season.

For the first time in weeks, Romelu Lukaku will be in the squad. He probably won’t start, but he should see some time to play late.

In the squad there is also Roberto Gagliardini, who has also recovered from an injury. Marcelo Brozovic is still recovering from the problem he faced in the national team and will need more time.

The Italian team are the big favorites tonight and know that if they beat Plzen they will eliminate the Barcelona champions five times.

Barcelona manager Xavi has revealed that his team will watch the game before facing Bayern Munich at 20:00 BST.

Some may assume that Barcelona would like to avoid finding out the result in order to focus on their game, but Xavi has confirmed that this will not be the case.

Their Champions League fate was lifted from their hands after a stuttering campaign that saw them win only one of four group games to date.

Anyway, kick-off at San Siro Stadium is at 5:45 pm BST and we will be here for team news, live action and post match reaction.

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