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Those of us of a certain age will be able to uncomfortably rethink back in terror to a time when life was so wildly dangerous that we would have had to answer the phone without knowing who was on the other end of the line.

I know, I know, I can feel the anxiety rising along the thorns of the post-landline generation as I write. And the same can largely be said about answering the door: unless you have a window at hand to check from or even a peephole built right into that door itself, you could open yourself up to anyone, from a henchman with the whey face intent on robbery, a Jehovah’s Witness intent on conversion or, worse still, zombie apocalypse politicians demanding both your approval and brains.

Fortunately, however, this problem began to cease in 2013 when an entrepreneur named Jamie Siminoff invented the original Ring smart doorbell, using Wi-Fi and your smartphone to let you see and, if you want, interact with whoever has obscured you. door of the house without having to move a single buttock. The concept immediately struck an increasingly paranoid audience and the Ring revolution was born.

Of course, that was just the beginning and once Ring firmly put its future-facing foot in the door, it expanded into all kinds of smart security devices, including some very smart cameras and comprehensive advanced home alarm options.

Which cleverly brings us to the present day and the latest additions to Ring’s range of high-tech home protection products. With four new products available from late October / early November, if you haven’t taken security seriously yet, Ring’s new quartet of genius burglars of thieves should definitely ring out …

Cam Pro ring spotlight

Most smart cameras are equipped with some kind of motion detection. However, although you can define the detection range parameters according to your wishes, depending on where and how you look correctly, you may often find yourself alerted by ghost flares.

However, Ring’s new Spotlight Cam Pro uses a form of radar in the sexy form of “3D Motion Detection” which allows the camera to measure the distance and angle of an object once the detection threshold has been exceeded, alerting you to the presence of the target. your visitor via the smartphone app so you can view them on the screen. But not only that, no, thanks to Bird’s Eye View, you can also locate and view your guests (invited and not) using an aerial map, so you always know where they are.

All very clever. Then, add to that 1080p video with HDR and Audio + for perfect, crisp sound and video, two LED spotlights to illuminate night callers, two-way conversations, and even a safety siren in case the two-way conversation doesn’t end well and Ring Cam Pro has its back completely to your home.

Available in battery-powered format for £ 199.99 from 26th October and in solar or wired version for £ 219.99.

Buy Now £ 199.99, Amazon

Cam Plus ring spotlight

If you are happy to risk not having radar because, I don’t know, you live in a particular and safe area or, indeed, you simply don’t have the quality of enemies that can beat a smart cam to justify the extra expense, then Ring Spotlight Cam Plus could be for you.

Featuring a stunningly wide-angle 1080p HD camera with color night vision capability, the Spotlight Cam Plus comes with either plug-in or rechargeable battery power options, allowing users to switch between them as needed, but with the Wired and Solar versions also on by the way, soon the choice of the cam will be even wider.

Of course, the motion detection range is fully customizable, to keep the area as narrow or as wide as needed, while the dual LED lights flood the field when activated to enable you to capture crisp color video and, of course, send Direct live feed and accompanying audio to your smartphone in case you wish to engage in a two-way chat with anyone who woke up your intelligent sentient.

The Ring Cam Plus battery and Plug-In option will be available on October 26, priced at £ 179.99, while the Spotlight Cam Plus Solar and Wired will soon be available for £ 209.99 and £ 199.99 respectively.

Buy Now £ 180.00, Amazon

The panic alarm button sounds

Not falling until November 2, smart cameras might be considered the only line of defense against the unsavory types you need, but for those who want that extra security blanket, Ring is releasing its panic alarm button.

Primarily summed up by its name, the Ring Alarm panic button is a portable remote control that you can keep with you or next to your bed and customize to trigger events such as “Fire”, “Doctor” or simply “Panic”, after which your alarm siren will screech and automatic alerts will be sent to your shared users pre-programmed to let them know that you are in danger.

Also, should you invest in a Ring Protect Plus subscription (more on that in a moment), you can activate assisted monitoring which makes automatic three-contact emergency calls whenever the panic button is pressed.

A great extra level of personal security for older family members or perhaps those prone to medical problems, the Ring Alarm Panic Button is priced more than reasonable at £ 24.99.

Buy Now £ 24.99, Amazon

The intercom rings

Bringing some intelligence to those who live in an apartment / flat in a condominium shared with other tenants with a common communication device (push-button door intercom), Ring’s new Intercom takes your existing audio intercom and transforms it into a complete communication kit for all the action, access from anywhere, for your apartment and for you … no matter where you are.

Connected to your internal intercom and synchronized with the Ring app on your smartphone, from that moment on you will be able to answer said intercom from anywhere in the world thanks to real-time alerts and two-way conversation, plus if they are been delayed while you are out and about and a friend or relative calls, you can also call them remotely.

Also, since Ring is very tied to Amazon, if you happen to be an obsessive online shopper, you can activate a special automatic verification for Amazon deliveries, after which the drivers must pass a verification check via the Amazon delivery app before receive the concession (limited time access) to the building to make deliveries.

A clever kit that simply plugs into what you already have (compatibility permitting, of course), so it’s now easy to turn your big, stupid apartment into a great apartment. Yes, I know it’s not a recognized word. Yet.

Buy Now £ 89.99, Amazon

Ring Protect Plus

You are absolutely free, if you prefer, to simply purchase and install your different Ring kit and rely only on the app to alert you and allow you to interact in the moment.

But, for those who may want to go a little further than just plain, for just £ 8 a month you can upgrade to a Ring Protection Plan which adds additional security elements. Without this, you can’t review lost alerts or past videos, while Protect lets you freely scroll through your daily timeline, going back 180 days.

You can also activate assisted monitoring as we have seen with the panic alarm button, so that selected contacts are immediately alerted during an alarm. Both seem great value for money for a little under ten euros a month. But the benefits don’t stop there. With extended warranties for all devices and 10% off other select products on, it’s a bargain.

Starting at £ 3.49 / month or £ 34.99 / year.

Buy now, Ring


So, here you go. Building on nine years of intelligent success, Ring introduces four new products that take home security and caller convenience to the next level. Designed to protect your property and save you from the horror of having to open the door without first knowing who hangs there, the latest additions to every growing raft from Ring will soon become 21st essential for the house of the century.

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