How to switch from Android to iPhone and vice versa

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It’s getting easier to switch from one Apple phone to another Android, and while it’s not entirely frictionless, here’s how it’s done.

How to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone

Apple provides the Switch to iOS app to help android users to switch to iPhone, then install it on your android device first.

Once this app is installed, connect both your new iPhone and old Android to power and the same Wi-Fi network.

Update your Android phone to the latest version of Chrome. Open the Switch to iOS app and bring the two phones closer to each other.

Turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup instructions. When you get to a screen that says Quick Start at the top, tap Configure Manually, which is written in small blue letters at the bottom of the display.

Follow the instructions until you get to the Apps & data screen where you should then tap on Move data from Android.

Grab your Android phone and open the Switch to iOS app.

Tap Continue, accept the terms and conditions, then return to your iPhone.

Making the switch possible

Your iPhone should now offer a Move from Android dialog option. It should also show you a long code which you will then use on your Android device to authorize the transfer.

Once this happens, your iPhone will create a temporary Wi-Fi network and ask your Android phone to connect to it. Next, wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear on your old Android.

What files can you transfer from Android to iPhone?

You will be asked to choose what you want to transfer: contacts, photos, videos, photo albums, files, folders, settings, bookmarks, mail accounts, WhatsApp messages, and some apps available on both iOS and Android will do the cut. Be patient.

The transfer can take a long time, depending on the amount of data you move. When done, tap Done on Android and choose Continue on your new iPhone. Then complete the setup on your iPhone.

How to exchange music, books and PDFs

You have to move some content manually. On a Mac you use an app called Android file transfer.

Connect your old smartphone to your Mac or PC and use that app, or in Finder (Mac) iTunes (PC) find your photos and videos, music and files folders and drag and drop the ones you want. Then drop the content onto iTunes (on a PC) to sync it to your new iPhone.

You can also save your media files to iCloud, Dropbox or another online file storage service and then download exactly what you need to your iPhone.

How to switch from iPhone to Android

Some Android devices, such as Pixel and Galaxy phones, have built-in iPhone-Android switching systems, but you can also do this manually.

One of the easiest ways is to use the Google One app, where you can use the Backup option in the Google Drive settings. This will bring up our contacts, calendar events, photos and videos in Google Drive, which you can then access and download to your new Android.

Backing up your media files will take time, so use Wi-Fi for this task. The Android file transfer the application helps to move your media files (music, for example).

Most iPhone users will use iCloud Drive to store important items. On Android, you probably have Google Drive.

The simple solution is to install both apps on iPhone, Mac or use (an online version of iCloud), select everything (you’ll need to download it first when using iCloud online), and then drag it to Google Drive. If you forget something, you can log into on your Android browser to locate it.

Can you transfer iMessage contents to Android?

You can’t easily take your messages with you, even if an app called iSMS2droid can help. You also need to disable iMessage before moving on.

First, open Settings> Messages and turn off iMessage. Then visit Apple’s iMessage unsubscribe page to explain “You no longer have your iPhone” and follow the procedure there. This prevents incoming messages from going astray.

Email is easier to convey. Simply add the accounts to the Gmail app on your new phone.

How could it be improved?

Both Apple and Google could make it smoother. The migration process between Android and iPhone is even more complex than it should be, but it is doable.

If you plan to go both ways, it is recommended that you start using iCloud or Google Drive for data storage for a while before migrating, so that you can get your most valuable data in both services before starting the your Big Switch. Good luck.

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