How to build Keqing in Genshin Impact

Did you lose 50/50 to Keqing in Genshin Impact? Don’t worry, he’s actually one of the strongest characters in the current metagame thanks to his new Aggravate builds, although his versatility allows him to fit many other builds. Here’s how you build it. (Photo: HoYoverse)

So you lost 50/50 rolling for that Genshin Impact character you want.

We’ve all been there, finally getting that touch of gold, only to be disappointed the moment the silhouette appears on screen, and suddenly you’re unlocking C-something for a certain standard character you don’t even use.

But here’s the thing: there are no bad characters Genshin Impactjust bad builds!

If you’re finally at that point in your gaming experience where you’ve decided to use your Standard characters, or maybe you just want to try and see how far you can go with your Standard character, we’ve got just the thing for you: the ultimate building guide.

Let’s start with the lovely Keqing, a 5-star electric sword character and Yuheng from the Liyue Qixing. And with the release of Dendro and his numerous elemental reactions, especially Aggravate, Keqing has become one of the strongest characters in the current metagame!

So from Talents, Squad Compositions, Strategies, and Gear, here’s everything you need to know about Keqing!

Driving thunder

The best selling point of Keqing’s kit is that she’s a very fast attacker, choosing to deal fast, powerful strikes instead of big damage. She can also be quite versatile, working well as both a primary field DPS and quick swap DPS, as such, she works great in a variety of builds and team compositions which can help boost her further.

Keqing’s skill, Stellar restoration, is where the major brunt of its damage comes from. He throws a Lightning Stiletto that deals Electro DMG and can either teleport to where the Stiletto is or perform a Charged Attack to deal another instance of Electro DMG at its location.

Keqing outbreak, Star Swordallows Keqing to deal multiple Electro DMGs in a large area of ​​effect before finishing with a hit that deals massive Electro DMG.

Keqing Passive A1, Thundering penanceinfuses his normal and charged attacks with Electro for 5 seconds when he recasts Stellar Restoration with an active Lightning Stilleto.

Meanwhile, his passive A4, aristocratic dignityIncreases its Crit Rate and Energy Recharge by 15% after throwing Starward Sword.

While Keqing’s blast may seem like the best DMG dealer in her kit, your priority when it comes to ramping up her talents should be her normal attack, skill, then blast.

That’s because Keqing’s playstyle, which is all about fast attacks, sees her making constant cuts with her normals, while her skill, as well as being an almost constant source of electric application and DMG, gives her an avenue to deal with a barrage of infused attacks against his enemies .

Of course, you’d want all of your talents to be maxed out to get the most out of his kit.

Trulla Cementarii: How good are Keqing constellations?

As a standard character, you can find yourself passively acquiring Keqing constellations whenever you lose 50/50 or enter the standard banner. But how good are they?

Being one of the first characters in the game, Keqing doesn’t have eye-popping constellations that later released ones have. However, he still has a couple of good ones that significantly increase his damage output.

Keqing’s C4, Tuning, gives her a 25% Atk boost whenever she triggers an Electro-related elemental reaction. Since you’ll be doing a lot of electro-related reactions with Keqing, this constellation provides a constant source of bonus ATK.

His C6, Tenacious stargives her a 6% Electric DMG bonus whenever she initiates a normal attack, charged attack, ability, or flurry.

The bonuses he gets from each action are counted independently, allowing you to get up to 24% Electro DMG bonus. It will be a big push and is easily achievable even when you consider the speed of Keqing’s attacks.

Naturally, constellations that increase the maximum talent level for your skill and burst also increase your damage. For Keqing, the C3 of her, Planned reformand C5, Stars beckoningraise the level cap for his flurry and skill respectively.

No more procrastination: Keqing’s best teams

The flexibility of Keqing’s kit means he can work well in a variety of team strategies and compositions, focused on Electro DMG and other Electro-related elemental reactions, or even Physical DMG, whichever you choose.

Aggravate – Allows Keqing to deal enhanced Electric damage through Dendro’s Catalyze and Aggravate reactions. With his lightning attacks, Keqing is one of the characters that makes the most of the Aggravate reaction. This build will not deviate from Keqing’s regular builds, although Elemental Mastery will become an important stat to be gained via artifact sub-stats or buffs from other party members.

This composition should consist of Keqing, a Dendro stand, an Electro stand and a flex spot for an Anemo character or another Dendro character.

Here are some compositions you can try:

  • Keqing, Nahida, Yae Miko, Kaedehara Kazuha

  • Keqing, Nahida, Fischl, Kazuha

  • Keqing, Dendro Traveler, Kuki Shinobu, Sucrose/Collei

Mono-electro – As the name suggests, this team is all about handing out pure Electro DMG and can consist of all Electro characters or three Electro characters with an Anemo buffer.

Here are some compositions you can try:

  • Keqing, Raiden Shogun/Yae Miko, Kujou Sara, Jean

  • Keqing, Raiden Shogun/Yae Miko, Kuki Shinobu, Kaedehara Kazuha

  • Keqing, Beidou/Fischl, Kuki Shinobu, Sucrose

Hypercarry – As with any other Hypercarry formation, this team is all about maxing out Keqing’s damage. It will consist of Keqing, Bennett, Kaedehara Kazuha, and Kujou Sara with C6 unlocked.

Physicist – This gives up much of Keqing’s kit, as his abilities will only be used to activate the Superconduct reaction to reduce enemies’ physical RES. To do this, you only need to cast Stellar Restoration once and perform a charged attack instead, otherwise your attacks will be infused with Electro and render this build useless.

Here are some compositions you can try:

  • Keqing, Rosaria, Kuki Shinobu, Zhongli

  • Keqing, Rosaria, Fischl, Layla

  • Keqing, Rosaria, Bennett (not C6), Xinyan

At Yuheng’s Finery: Keqing’s finest equipment

If you plan on building Keqing, the best way to go is to give her 5-star swords like the Reforged Mistsplitter, which is his best weapon. It’s tied for the highest base ATK among swords, gives tons of Crit DMG, while having a passive that greatly increases your Elemental DMG bonus.

Primal Jade Cutter it’s also a great option, as it goes up with Crit Rate, giving you an even ratio as Keqing goes up with Crit DMG. However, the substat isn’t much to write about, as it doesn’t really need the HP boost.

Haran Geppaku Futsu focuses on increasing normal attack DMG while ramping up with Crit Rate, which is nearly perfect for Keqing’s quick attack kit. However, it falls behind as the 12% elemental DMG bonus you get cannot be compared to the maximum 28% elemental DMG bonus you can get from Mistsplitter Reforged.

For a physical Keqing, the obvious choice is Favonian eagleas it gives her a physical DMG bonus and gives her an additional 20% ATK bonus and instances of self-healing.

If you don’t want to break the bank to get these 5-star swords, you can opt for these 4-star alternatives:

  • Lion’s Roar (Gacha)

  • Blackcliff Longsword (Starglitter shop)

  • Black Sword (Battle Pass)

  • Amenoma Kageuchi (craftable)

  • Kagotsurube Isshin (Reward of Kaedehara Kazuha Story Quest)

For artifacts, there are a variety of sets you can choose from, namely:

Thunder Fury in 4 pieces – The best set of generalist artifacts for Keqing, giving her the Electro DMG bonus and allowing her to cast her ability more often. You can also get it from the Artifact Safe, so farming will be less complicated than before.

2-piece Thunderous Fury + any 2-piece ATK% bonus artifact – If you don’t have a good Thunder Fury 4-piece set, then a mixed 2-piece set will do the trick. While you lose the cooldown reduction of your ability, this build can still be competitive with the 4-piece set if you get good secondary stat rolls.

Pale flame in 4 pieces – The ideal set if you are running a Physical Keqing build. She gains 25% Physical DMG bonus and can easily activate 4-piece effect that gives her up to 18% ATK and another 25% Physical DMG bonus.

The main stats for your artifacts should be ATK% for your sands, Electro DMG Bonus for your chalice, and Crit Rate or Crit DMG for your circlet, whichever is missing.

As for secondary stats, go for Crit Rate / Crit DMG, ATK%, and Elemental Mastery if you’re running it on an Aggravate team.

Now go forth and unleash the original Electro Maiden upon your enemies.

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