How the “supercartel” that crossed a third of cocaine in Europe was dismantled

A Europol divulgou images from operação internacional

A drug ‘supercartel’ it controlled near a third cocaine supplier in Europe has been dismantled, announced to Europol (European international policy agency).

A two-year investigation resulted in the jailing of a total of 49 people and the opening of more than 30 tons of drugs in four European countries and a Middle East, according to a Europol communication.

Autoridades de Espanha, França, Bélgica, Países Baixos and Emirados Árabes Unidos work on juntas to destroy the cartel. The operation also includes collaboration from the EUA’s drug enforcement agency, the DEA.

A more recent phase of the investigation was conducted by the Chamber of Operation Desert Light and resulted in the prison of six “alvos principais” – the most procured by the international police – in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Entre eles was a British town who was suspected of commanding the operation and, according to Spanish police, lived on the Costa del Sol before fleeing to Dubai.

Outras prisões já haviam sido feitas. In majoria for our Países Baixos, in 2021, and as others foram at the beginning of this month, between 8 and 19 of November, during incursões coordinated in Spain, France and Belgium.

Europol said the traffickers formed a “major criminal ring involved in large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering”. And acrescentou que a escala da operação antidrugs foi “enormous”.

The investigation has a series of efforts by the police to hack encrypted phones used by criminal organizations for drug trafficking and money laundering.

An era of cocaine imported from América do Sul through the Países Baixos and foi o principal foco dos investigatordores.

A video posted on the agency’s YouTube page shows teams of investigators and cães farejadores scrutinizing houses called luxury cars. Non entanto, non está claro se algum bem foi appprendido during as prisões.

Colorful photograph shows police following guns and drugs

A total of 30 tons of drugs have been opened

Escape to Dubai

The British suspect of the chef or cartel has fled for Dubai after fleeing an early attempt to win him over in Spain. He assumed he continued to run the UAE cartel.

Europol said a new deal with the UAE has allowed detectives to access the country’s intelligence data and take it against criminals who were previously at war.

An unnamed Europol source told AFP news agency police also picked up another Dutch suspect who is a traffic “figure” with mounts linked to Ridouan Taghi, crime “chefão” in Países Baixos.

Dutch promoters have called for the suspects to be extradited to the United Arab Emirates, where they are now facing drug trafficking charges and large-scale money laundering.

Analysts noted that data from the last decade indicates that cocaine trafficking in Europe is increasing year on year.

Crimes related to cocaine use or possession are also on the rise, by an estimated 3.5 million adult drug users year-over-year.

Not at the beginning of these months, the Spanish police carried out a series of buscas which resulted in the discovery of the largest load of maconha already found. One maconha embalada encontrada is equivalent to approximately 1.1 million plants.

‘Not significant impact’

Taking over the cartel’s tamanho, drug policy specialist Niamh Eastwood says the deal will not have a significant impact on the cocaine market in Europe. Ela says it is a “resilient market”.

Eastwood is the executive director of the Charity Institute Release, which deals with the decriminalization and regulation of drugs as a solution to the problem of trafficking.

It is reminiscent of the 2020 international police operation that you robbed on EncroChat, a network of modified smartphones used by organized crime groups. An operation levou à apreensão de 20 tons of drugs no Reino Unido.

“Na época, isso foi descrito como ‘a mais ample e profunda operação do Reino Unido contra o crime organizado’,” Eastwood told the BBC. “No entanto, a cocaína e outras drugs continueram facilemente disponíveis em todo o país.”

*information by Mattea Bubalo, from BBC News

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