How Lady Chatterley’s lover naked rain scene was filmed

Watch: Jack O’Connell reveals all about the naked rain dance in Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Jack O’Connell says his naked rain dance with Emma Corrin in Netflix’s new adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover was anything but glamorous.

Corrin plays the titular Lady Chatterley, while O’Connell is her gamekeeper, Mellors, in this new take on DH Lawrence’s novel about their passionate love affair. As their relationship escalates in the film, one of their most intimate moments is when they dance naked in the forest as the rain pours down.

Speaking to Yahoo UK, O’Connell described filming the sequence in the open air, explaining that the water itself was: “Cold, warm. They can’t heat it, because you would see steam. It’s cruel,” she said.

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And added, laughing shyly: “It comes with its own set of problems!”

Emma Corrin as Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Jack O’Connell in Lady Chatterley’s Lover. (Netflix)

He also described how an entire day was spent filming the scene. “It was planned, and also an act of courtesy to us so that we didn’t feel rushed and we felt we had time to really go all out and get it right.”

The film’s director, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, described how they had hoped for real rain. “It was a very sunny day and we were all waiting for the rain, but it never came. It was very challenging for the actors, because they had to do it in one day.

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“To help them, we had loud percussive music to get them in the right mood so they felt liberated. It was very liberating for all of us and we wished we could all strip down and run with them – it was so joyous and ecstatic.”

Emma Corrin as Lady Constance, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (director) on the set of Lady Chatterley's Lover.  (Paris Taghizadeh/Netflix)

Emma Corrin as Lady Constance, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (director) on the set of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. (Paris Taghizadeh/Netflix)

He also recalled how Corrin, seen earlier this year in My Policeman, raved about the sequence. “When Emma came on board, she was like, ‘This is going to be the craziest scene I’ve ever done in my life and I want to do it. I want to experience it.’”

One of the most scandalous novels in British literature, Lady Chatterley’s Lover was first published privately in 1928. Connie (Corrin) marries an aristocrat but her relationship with husband Clifford (Matthew Duckett) changes when he is confined to a chair on wheels after an injury during World War I. She falls in love with the estate’s gamekeeper, Mellors (O’Connell), who gives her a sexual and emotional fulfillment she has never experienced before.

The novel’s frank description of sex and its earthy language meant that it was banned in the UK for a few years. This earned it such notoriety that when it was first published in this country in 1960, its initial print run of 200,000 copies sold out in one day. Its publishers, Penguin Books, were prosecuted for obscenity in a historic trial and found not guilty.

De Clermont-Tonnerre believes that the novel’s theme of sexual liberation is as relevant to audiences today as it was when Lawrence wrote it. He shows that “sexuality is pure and beautiful and was glorified by DH Lawrence. It’s not shameful or dirty. He was banned because he was trying to address the freedom of sexuality and that was considered obscene.

Lady Chatterley's lover.  (Left to right) Emma Corrin as Lady Chatterley, Jack O'Connell as Oliver Mellors in Lady Chatterley's Lover.  Cr.  Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Emma Corrin as Lady Chatterley, Jack O’Connell as Oliver Mellors in Lady Chatterley’s Lover. (Netflix)

“I think we are still facing a lot of challenges today regarding a woman’s freedom and the idea here is for a woman to take ownership of her body. This is extremely important and timely.”

Alongside O’Connell, Corrin and Duckett, the film also stars Joely Richardson, who returns to history after a gap of nearly 30 years. Playing housekeeper Mrs Bolton in this version, she played the title role in the TV miniseries Lady Chatterley in 1993. De Clermont-Tonnerre’s directorial credits include The Mustang (2019), starring Matthias Schoenaerts, and the TV series American Crime Story ( 2021).

Lady Chatterley’s Lover will be released on Netflix on December 2, 2022.

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