How influencers contact brands to get paid partnerships

Ashley Jones is a micro influencer that DM wants to collaborate with brands with.Ashley Jones

  • Branded offerings are a major source of income for many influencers.

  • These collaborations often start with a presentation, via email, or other methods.

  • Insiders spoke to creators on social media about how they present brands.

One of the first questions aspiring influencers ask themselves is: how do I start working with brands?

An influencer’s inbox, whether it’s email or direct social media messages, is often where this process begins.

Some influencers will start building relationships with brands by cold posting them on social media, like Instagram.

Ashley Jones, a micro influencer with around 50,000 followers on Instagram, told Insider that her strategy is to post the products she loves on Instagram and tag the brand. She then contacts the brand and explains why she would like to work with them. She will often ask for proper PR contact as well, she said.

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Other creators, like TikTok London star Lazerson, have turned to LinkedIn. While some influencers feature PR reps or influencer marketing contacts on LinkedIn, Lazerson gets right on top of DMing CEOs.

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And many influencers, like Gigi Kovach (a part-time lifestyle influencer), send an email directly to introduce a brand. He keeps a “field bank” of email templates on hand when he contacts brands and potential sponsors.

Read one of Kovach’s word-for-word emails he sends to brands.

In addition to the presentation, many influencers create and attach a media kit – a document that includes basic information about an influencer’s account, engagement data, previous work, and contact information.

Some influencers will send out a media kit to every advertiser they work with. They keep this document up to date by adding new metrics and collaborations every few months.

“I think it’s very important if you want to take it seriously,” media kit influencer Macy Mariano said. “I’m sending them now to everyone I connect with. It’s just a good way to express who you are and what you’ve done so they can see your past and current work.”

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Insiders spoke to different influencers who all have different approaches to presenting brands. Here’s how the brands present, including different email templates they use.

Emma Cortes influencer

Emma Cortes.Holly Fan

How to get a brand’s attention when proposing a paid sponsorship

It takes time to figure out what kind of pitch is sticking and grabbing the brands attention.

“You get a lot of no when you start introducing brands for the first time, but then you perfect your approach,” Kovach told Insider.

But getting started is an important step when building relationships with brands.

Jen Lauren, a dwarf influencer on YouTube and Instagram, charges around $ 350 for an Instagram sponsorship (an in-feed post) or a YouTube sponsorship (brand mention) and that price will vary depending on the scope of the job, she said. told Insider in November 2020 when he had just under 3,000 followers.

To get her first paid contract, Lauren used a media kit. She sends her media kit to brands she wants to work with directly, via email, direct message on Instagram, or sometimes she even finds an influencer marketing contact for a brand on LinkedIn, she said.

But a media kit isn’t just useful for getting started. Influencers with varying size and experience of followers in the industry commonly use these documents to establish new relationships with the brand.

Here’s how 21 influencers present brands, from email templates to media kits.

Email templates used by influencers:

  • Tori Dunlap, personal finance influencer with 2.3 million followers on TikTok. She shared 2 templates that she uses to feature brands on Instagram.

  • Emma Cortes, fashion influencer with about 51,000 followers on Instagram. He shared the email template he uses to turn gift offers into paid offers.

  • Lillian Zhang, TikTok influencer with around 22,000 followers. He shared the DM he used to get his first sponsorship deal.

  • Gigi Kovach, food and family influencer with around 13,000 Instagram followers. She shared the 200-word email she uses to contact brands.

  • Jalyn Baiden, Instagram influencer with around 5,700 followers. He shared two of the models he used to get his first deals.

  • Julie Tecson, a nano influencer with around 7,000 followers on Instagram. He shared 3 email templates that he uses to feature brands for different types of sponsorships.

  • Jack Betts, a college athlete with around 5,000 followers. Here is the email template he uses to mark NIL offers.

Sending DMs to brands on social media:

Setting up rates for sponsored content:

Examples of multimedia kits:

  • Marina Mogilko, business and education creator with 6.8 million YouTube subscribers. He has a 24-page media kit that he emails to the brands he works with.

  • Roberto Blake, business and technology influencer with 567,000 subscribers on YouTube. Here is his 26-page multimedia kit for showcasing tech brands.

  • Joel Bervell, a medical student with approximately 480,000 followers on TikTok. Here is his 2-page media kit.

  • Jade Darmawangsa, a YouTube creator of technology and business with 370,000 subscribers. He shared his 4-page media kit.

  • Eric Stoen, a travel creator with around 330,000 Instagram followers. He shared his 1 page media kit.

  • Lauren SoYung Lim, influencer with around 230,000 followers on TikTok. He shared the 9-page media kit he used to present the brands.

  • Macy Mariano, creator of fashion and lifestyle Instagram with 168,000 subscribers. Check out its 9-page media kit.

  • Gigi Robinson, a creator with around 134,000 followers on TikTok. He shared the 17-page media kit that he used to get brand deals with Amazon and Tinder.

  • Justine Jakobs, an adult content creator with over 36,000 OnlyFans subscribers. Here is the 4-page media kit he uses to showcase brands as he expands beyond OnlyFans.

  • Tess Barclay, a Toronto-based creator with approximately 34,000 followers. Here is the latest version of his 1 page media kit.

  • And here they are 4 media kits used by travel creators to earn free hotel stays.

  • Jen Lauren, a YouTube nano influencer with approximately 6,900 subscribers. He shared his simple 3-page media kit.

  • Kayla Compton, a nano influencer with around 6,800 followers. Here is the 8-page media kit he uses.

“It’s important to build a relationship with brands and work with brands you already love, especially when you’re starting out, to retain subscribers,” Lauren told Insider. “I will only partner with a brand if it also benefits my community and adapts organically to my content.”

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