Hillary Clinton criticizes the GOP for touting crime as a major problem but not being “bothered” by Paul Pelosi’s attack

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul.

Mr. Pelosi was taken to hospital on Friday after being attacked with a hammer by a man who broke into the family’s San Francisco home on what authorities described as a “suicide mission” by the attacker.

In an interview with MSNBC, Clinton lashed out at Republicans for their inability to report the attack, making crime an electoral issue for upcoming mid-term polls.

“In this midterm election, we have seen many announcements from Republicans running for anything touting crime. The problem is crime. But when an 82-year-old man is attacked by an intruder in his own home, they don’t seem to care too much. Because that person is married to the Speaker of the House who is from another political party, “he said.

“I just wish your viewers and every American would think about it.

“This is the kind of violent rhetoric that leads to violent action that supports authoritarians and that’s what we see the Republican party supporting.”

Law enforcement officers have warned of a growing threat of political violence ahead of the mid-term elections.

Authorities accused David DePape, a 42-year-old man from nearby Richmond, California, of attempted murder, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false detention of an elder, and threats against a public official and their family. He pleaded not guilty.

After breaking into the president’s home on the night of October 28, Mr. DePape allegedly woke up Mr. Pelosi and “confronted him about where President Pelosi was” and shouted “where is Nancy?” According to some. relationships.

Ms. Pelosi was in Washington DC at the time of the attack.

David DePape made his first court appearance Tuesday where he pleaded not guilty (California DMV / CNN)

On Saturday, Clinton blamed the GOP for spreading “hate and deranged conspiracy theories” after it emerged that Pelosi’s alleged attacker had spewed far-right conspiracies online prior to Friday’s assault.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who completed his Twitter acquisition last week, responded to Clinton on Sunday by supporting a conspiracy theory that the attack was not what it seemed.

Mr. Musk later appeared to have removed the tweet.

“To his credit he took it away. I don’t see Republicans running for Congress or Governors or any other office taking their comments away, ”Ms. Clinton told MSNBC.

“Would we trust someone who is fomenting these violent feelings … scapegoat, joking about a violent attack on Paul Pelosi?”

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