Furious residents say lives are a pittance after new £300,000 persimmon homes left riddled with hundreds of flaws

Furious residents who paid more than £300,000 for homes in a newly built estate say their lives are a ‘nightmare’ with the properties riddled with hundreds of faults.

Homeowners living in Cotswold Vale near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks., complain of ‘shoddy’ building work with wobbly windows, unlockable doors, mould, cracked walls and freezing rooms.

More than 140 residents have now formed an action group to ask Persimmon Homes to urgently fix the catalog of problems plaguing the new build property.

Retired Royal Navy soldier Robert Fung, 68, moved into a three-bedroom detached property with his wife Mary, 64, in February 2019.

Since moving into their brand new £315,000 home, the couple have installed eight new doors after they either failed to lock or were fitted incorrectly.

Robert, father of two, said: “The whole development is a nightmare when it comes to windows and doors.

“Site management doesn’t seem to care and there is a lack of quality and no duty of care.

“They know what the problems are, but nothing is done.

“People suffer from mental fatigue.”

Mike Hobbs, 52, moved into his £320,000 four-bedroom detached house in July 2019 with his wife Charlotte Hobbs, 49, and their three teenage children.

Mike, a Tesco courier, said: “Our front and rear doors were warping and started not closing.

“Persimmons kept replacing them, but then the same thing happened.

“Eventually, I had to bring in a professional to fix the problem.

“When we moved in, we also noticed that the three upstairs windows weren’t square, so we complained about that as well.

“We finally had them replaced last December, but they were replaced with windows that don’t match all the other windows on our property.”

Mike also says his house freezes in the winter, which he believes is because the property wasn’t properly insulated when it was built.

He added: “We are currently trying to heat a house that may not even be thermally efficient.

“I want my kids to be comfortable and warm and not have to wear sweaters to watch TV because they’re freezing in their house.”

On the Cotswold Vale estate, there are 52 social housing properties governed by Platform Housing.

Katie Biddle, 29, rents a two-bedroom apartment and lives there with her four-year-old son Tobias.

She says she has to “kick” the front door to open it and can hear the wind whistling through her drafty house.

She said: ‘I had my first Christmas bath at her mother’s house as the toilet was leaking for two days.

“Now I have mold on the bathroom floor and damp patches on the living room ceiling.

“So many false promises have been made to me.

“I have to physically kick the door open and the windows and doors don’t close properly.

“There have been quite a few break-ins in the area recently and I’m just waiting for my property to be next.

“My son is constantly coughing and I am always congested, from drafts and mold in our house.

“You can literally hear the wind whistling through my house.

“My son was so close to being hit by a shingle detached from his neighbor’s property.

“I’m afraid for my son’s health in this house.”

Wheelchair-bound Taz Wright, 60, lives alone in a three-bedroom house and says it has been fraught with problems since moving into the property in 2018.

She said: “After four years, the baseboards in the kitchen still haven’t been put in place.

“There are a lot of faulty electrical systems throughout the house, including two electrical outlets behind the sink in the kitchen, which is dangerous.

“My front door doesn’t close properly and you have to force it open, and two years ago I was promised to install a ramp to give me better access to my home and this still hasn’t been done.

“The door frame is wobbly and the rubber seal around the door is broken and slugs get inside the door.

“My garden is scary.

“The fence was first upended and now it’s wobbly because the posts weren’t put in concrete.

“The garden is an absolute swamp and there’s no drainage, and I can’t use it.

“Every single room in the house has some form of hitch problem.

“You have to try to work it out on your own or live with it and because I’m disabled it’s causing me more stress and anxiety and it’s depressing me.”

Dad of three Kris Street, 32, moved into a three-bedroom single-family home last summer with his partner, Hannah Johnson, 27, and their three young children.

Kris, a customer service worker, said: ‘At Christmas we had to block our front and back door with draft excluders and towels, and eventually our sofa to keep warm.

“We found ourselves spending an absolute fortune on gas and electricity and by the end of January we were £600 in debt on our energy bills.

“I dread to think what we will be in for by the end of this winter as we are already £500 in debt because our house is so cold with faulty doors and windows.

“My two youngest ages two and three are coughing all the time and in October of this year I had to take my three year old to the emergency room.

“One day I walked into her room and she was freezing.

“I had to shake her, and I got a lump in my throat and thought the worst, but thankfully she was fine.”

Lisa Johnson, from Platform Housing, said: “After discovering the complexity of the issues on this site, Platform decided to set up a dedicated team to support and engage with Cotswold Vale customers.

“We held an event to meet with those clients in early November and have also held meetings with Persimmon since then, involving the National House Building Council, to bring up client issues and get resolutions.”

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes said: “We recognize that there have been further problems with Cotswold Vale properties and have written to all residents urging them to get in touch with any concerns.

“We have surveyed all homes where residents have contacted us and are currently addressing any identified issues.”

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