England have more conviction in this world between the round of 16, says Southgate

By Martyn Herman

DOHA, Nov 30 (Reuters) – England have more expectations than when they get to the semi-finals of the Copa Mundial they have had four, selector Gareth Southgate has told them of attending the domingo’s round of 16 match against Senegal.

His team was classified for the elimination phase as the ganador of Grupo B, with a double from Marcus Rashford and a goal from Phil Foden giving Gales a 3-0 victory.

“There is a different mentality in the whole group. There is more conviction. Our objectives are different”, said Southgate at the press, whose team scored new goals in three parties in Qatar.

“In Russia, only pensábamos en ‘¿Podemos ganar un partido de eliminatoria?’ Now there are more expectations, more trust and more experience in the big parties.”

England’s transfer to the semifinals in Russia was a kind of surprise, since the expectations prior to the tournament were modest, but last year’s sub-championship at Eurocopa 2020 and the echo of Southgate’s connection with one of the plants more extensions of the Mundial convierten to his team in one of the favourites.

“Hasta este punto estamos davvero satisfechos y, por supuesto, el grande desafío comienza ahora davvero”, dijo.

Southgate is known for his leadership of a well-performing group of players, but he changed four times in his Mars line against Gales and will have a grateful cabeza pain in the hour of electing the start before Senegal.

Rashford, who started for the first time in 18 months, increased his tally to three goals, while Foden justified popular petitions to play with a goal in a display of attacking amusement.

Kane, who follows with 51 goals for England, a dos on Wayne Rooney’s record, is yet to score in the tournament, as England demonstrate they can thrive without his goals.

Southgate gave a few minutes of play to most of his 26-man squad and the only outfield players who were childless James Maddison, Conor Gallagher, Conor Coady and Ben White.

Without tarjetas amarillas y con una plantilla en plena forma para elegir, Southgate accounts with an enviable range of options for the phase of the eliminators.

“One needs these kinds of decisions,” he said. “Necesitamos fuerza con profundidad. Nunca se sabe cuándo vamos a necesitar esa profundidad”.

England will start as big favorites before a selection from Senegal who did not meet their injured delantero Sadio Mané, but who impressed al llegar in the round of 16 with victories over Qatar and Ecuador.

“We’ll know that we’ll be favorites. We’ll have to lie with this. But we’ll play against a very dangerous team,” he said.

(Information by Martyn Herman; edited in Spanish by Benjamín Mejías Valencia)

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