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All the Best Looks from Season 3 of ‘Emily in Paris’ -Netflix

Remember when television was a medium for frivolous escape and fantasy rather than a damning condemnation of our society? Me too, and that’s exactly why I love blatantly Emilia in Paris.

The show, while by no means a one hundred percent accurate portrayal of the French ‘experience’, does provide the perfect amount of visual eye candy that has helped make it one of Netflix’s biggest (and most surprising) runaway hits since. its 2020 premiere. Aside from the organic chemistry of the all-star cast, though, fashion — for better or for worse — is the show’s real main character.

For Season 3, costume designer Marilyn Fitoussi takes the reins from industry titan Patricia Field and provides a fresh take on our favorite French crew.

“There’s a sense of anticipation, especially in terms of costumes, so the challenge is not to repeat ourselves, to keep breaking the codes, to break them completely and always come up with new looks that are interesting,” Fitoussi said of this season’s look . fashion history. “This season I’ve had even more freedom. I’ve been able to establish my own style a lot more, working much more closely and intimately with the team, and with Lily Collins in particular.”

Ahead, let’s break down some of the best standout looks Emilia in Paris season 3, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Camille is this season’s best dressed.

emily in paris camille razat as camille in episode 304 of emily in paris cr marie etchegoyennetflix © 2022


Two things are made clear by Camille’s character arc Emilia in Paris season 3. One, she’s not really a good friend — she’s awful, actually. But two? Her fashion game is flawless. Camille’s sense of style is a delicate balance between traditional “French girl” foundation with a hint of kitsch, as we saw in seasons 1 and 2. Bold and oversized glasses reminiscent of Iris Apfel, oversized citrus green Jacquemus jackets and Schiaparelli Modernized Matching tweed sets are all stunning outfits Camille serves up this time around.

emily in paris l to r camille razat as camille, lily collins as emily in episode 304 of emily in paris cr stéphanie branchunetflix © 2022


“The main lesson I learned from Patricia was her motto ‘we don’t care about reality’, which gave me a great deal of freedom with regards to tone and spirit,” Fitoussi said of her approach to costumes in this season, especially when it came to the native French cast characters. “I let go completely. I didn’t work as we would have done in a much more French way, trying to find a daily justification for some outfits.”

Sylvie is leaning into her sexy era.

emily in paris l to r philippine leroy beaulieu as sylvie grateau, samuel arnold as julien, bruno gouery as luc in episode 305 of emily in paris cr stéphanie branchunetflix © 2022

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The character of Sylvie – the high-profile, no-nonsense, extremely French head honcho of Savoir Agency – has always represented the ultra-luxurious, traditional Parisian woman. In Season 3, though, Sylvie finds herself at a career crossroads that affects not only how she sees herself, but how she dresses about her as well. This Sylvie is about taking risks in her personal and professional life and her wardrobe is in the same vein, with her character opting for plunging necklines, pristine trousers from Maison Alaïa and, when she’s feeling particularly adventurous, a little color courtesy of luxe partywear and vintage Vivienne Westwood.

“For Sylvie’s character, it’s about being able to take risks. She’s been in black and white; in minimalist colors,” says Fitoussi. “And now Sylvie ventures to mix fuchsia with orange, perhaps adding a touch of purple. But both [her and Emily] they have this same intensity of gaze and intention. They continue to forge this bond, while continuing to challenge each other. I found it quite successful because Lily and Philippine themselves, in their way of moving, speaking and in their gestures, managed to create that mirror effect and transform it into a nice nod of the head”.

emily in paris l to r lily collins as emily, samuel arnold as julien, philippine leroy beaulieu as sylvie grateau, bruno gouery as luc in episode 301 of emily in paris cr stéphanie branchunetflix © 2022


Emily is…getting better!

emily in paris lily collins as emily in episode 302 of emily in paris cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


Emily is experimenting with her wardrobe in a big way in season three. While she’s never been afraid to lean into the literal (she’s an American in Paris, after all) her style this time around is more refined without sacrificing fun. Multi-colored printed sweaters, metallic knee-high boots, and basic accessories courtesy of Louis Vuitton are all part of her latest style evolution.

“Emily is unique, she’s special. She’s a cheerful character, very resourceful. She’s creative, she’s very observant,” Fitoussi says of how the titular character’s fashion sense has evolved. “She especially shows it to us in season 3, because you’ll find that she’s looked at all the codes of French fashion and that she’s reinterpreted them in her own, Cooper-esque way.”

emily in paris lily collins as emily in episode 301 of emily in paris cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

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