Demands for general elections rise after Rishi Sunak becomes leader of the Tories

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Calls for general elections from voices ranging from Labor to Boris Johnson’s ultra-loyalists, such as Nadine Dorries, are growing after Rishi Sunak wins the Tory leadership race.

Sunak was accused by Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner of “avoiding scrutiny” as she called for voters to have a say after the former chancellor was officially declared the new Conservative leader on Monday.

“The Tories crowned Rishi Sunak as prime minister without him saying a single word about how he would lead the country and without anyone having a chance to vote,” he said in a statement.

“This is the same Rishi Sunak who as chancellor failed to grow the economy, failed to keep inflation in check and failed to help families with the conservative cost-of-living crisis.”

Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Prime Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, congratulated Sunak, but added: “I would suggest an immediate decision he should make and one he certainly shouldn’t.”

“It should call early general elections. And it shouldn’t – shouldn’t – unleash another round of austerity. Our public services will not resist this ”.

Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, added his voice to the new election calls after Sunak became leader following Penny Mordaunt’s withdrawal from the race.

“The conservatives have destroyed our economy, pushed health services to the brink and added hundreds of pounds to people’s mortgage payments,” Davey said. “Now conservative MPs have installed another prime minister out of the world without giving you a say. Now we need general elections “.

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The election calls were also coming from the right, with Reform UK party leader Richard Tice trying to capitalize on discontent among Conservative party members grieving at having lost the chance to vote for their leader.

“We have a prime minister appointed by acclamation. His party members rejected him. Democracy is in danger, “he said.

Dorries, Secretary of Culture during the Johnson government, had called a general election Sunday after deciding not to participate in the leadership race. He tweeted that the former prime minister would get the votes of Tory members and “already had a mandate from the people” in the form of his victory in the 2019 election.

“Rishi and Penny, despite Boris’ requests, refused to join, which would have made government completely impossible. Penny actually asked him to step aside for her. Now it will be impossible to avoid a GE, “she said.

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