David Tennant was “against Daniel Craig for being 007”

David Tennant said he was in the running to be James Bond. (Getty Images)

David Tennant has claimed to be in the running against Daniel Craig to be cast as James Bond.

Craig, 54, was cast as a super spy in 2005 and has starred in the last five films as 007, but now Tennant, 51, has revealed it could have been him.

The Doctor who The star told the Acting For Others podcast: “I never thought I did, until I recently worked with a director who had worked with Broccolis, who said ‘Yeah, you were on the list that time.’

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“I was like ‘What time? What are you talking about?’ She said “Yes, last time”.

Daniel Craig attends the

Daniel Craig has played 007 in five films since 2006. (Getty Images)

“I suppose it must have been Daniel Craig; I would have been a child before.

“I think it was quite a long list and I don’t think I’ve ever been very close to the top. But apparently that’s the way it is ”.

The James Bond films, based on the books by Ian Fleming, are produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson.

Craig first played 007 in 2006 Casino Royale and has now announced that he will step down after his fifth round as Bond in 2021 There is no time to die.

But Tennant admitted that life could have been very different for him had he been cast in the role instead of Craig, saying, “I think it’s probably a bit of a game changer, that level of stardom.”

The Scottish actor’s career went in another direction when he was cast as the 10th Time Lord in a cult science fiction show Doctor who.

Sarah Parish and David Tennant arrive at the Pioneer British Academy Television Awards at the Theater Royal on April 17, 2005 in London.  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images)

David Tennant in 2005, when he was in the running to be James Bond. (Getty Images)

He starred in the role of The Doctor from 2005 to 2010 and met his wife Georgia Moffett, the daughter of another former Time Lord Peter Davison, when she appeared on the show in 2008.

Tennant said, “It was a different scale from anything I had done before in terms of the general public’s awareness of you.

“You can somehow be known in the industry and there’s a whole thing where you suddenly find yourself in people’s living rooms and they have some sort of ownership over you, in a way.

David Tennant stands in front of the Tardis after arriving for the screening of Doctor Who Series 4 at the Apollo West End in central London.

David Tennant as the Time Lord. (BBC)

“And it’s a multi-faceted experience, and a lot of it is very beautiful, but there are parts where you can’t really anticipate what it feels like, I think.”

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The On stage star returns as The Doctor alongside Catherine Tate, who played his partner, Donna Noble in special scenes to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the BBC show, which will air in 2023.

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