Christmas Story star reprimanded by homeowner after taking photos outside famous house: ‘Get the fuck out’

The owner of the property described in A Christmas History told a former cast member never to go home again.

Actor Yano Anaya – who played Grover Dill in the 1983 holiday classic – visited the famous house where the movie was filmed earlier this month.

Anaya was taking photos with fans on the steps of her Cleveland home when her owner, Brian Jones, strongly urged the actor to leave.

In a video obtained from tmz extension, Jones can be heard saying, “Get out! Go away now.”

He continued: “Get off my property. Never come here again. Never, never again! Go away now!”

The pair got into a heated argument when Jones called Anaya a “piece of shit”.

“Are you trying to get people to donate to something? What’s wrong with you? Do you know how much you fucked me? You have no fucking idea!” cried Jones.

It seems that Jones was referring to a GoFundMe campaign started online to buy the house.

The property was put on the market earlier this year. Anaya previously told him and others Christmas story cast members were interested in raising money to buy the house.

The clip shows Anaya attempting to debunk the discussion, saying, “Why don’t you tell me about it and we can work it out.”

(Home and Museum of a Christmas Story)

The actor’s business partner, Emmanuel Soba, told the publication he didn’t know why Jones was angry, claiming Anaya and Jones had “a good conversation” the day before the altercation.

Soba also said Jones said he would be willing to sell the house to Soba and Anaya. Anaya declined to comment, according to tmz extension.

Jones denied the allegation, however, recounting tmz extension who is concerned that fans could be “misled” into contributing funds to an online campaign that would not involve the purchase of his home.

“I apologize for how I expressed myself; however, he was concerned that fans might be misled into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign that will not result in the home purchase,” she said.

Jones continued that “I have no association with any GoFundMe campaign. I’m not selling the house through Go Fund Me, so fans shouldn’t contribute to that fund under false pretenses, thinking their money is going towards the house purchase.” I only receive offers from qualified buyers through my real estate agent.

    (Home and Museum of a Christmas Story)

(Home and Museum of a Christmas Story)

Soba said that while the GoFundMe page exists, it was started by a “volunteer member of their group” and has never been active.

He said Anaya and he himself have a list of investors who could buy the house without raising funds from fans.

The 1983 movie A Christmas story follows Ralphie Parker, a 1940s kid who only wants one thing for Christmas: a red BB gun.

The home — located at 3159 W 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio — was originally built in 1895 but underwent a “massive renovation” in 2004 to pay homage to the classic holiday movie.

HBO recently released a sequel to the original film. A Christmas Story Christmas features 51-year-old Peter Billingsley, who first played the role of Ralphie Parker when he was just 11 years old. Now, Billingsly is a father of two who returns to his childhood home after his father’s unexpected death.

A Christmas Story Christmas is available to stream on HBO Max.

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