Catcher searches the rental car for the missing reptile

A Queensland snake hunter was left scouring his rental car for a snake recently after he managed to wriggle out of his bag.

Footage posted on Facebook by Joshua Castle, a Brisbane hunter, shows him removing the snake after eventually finding it under a seat.

“Well, this doesn’t happen every day! But a snake managed to get out of my knotted bag and disappeared in action for a while there! read the caption accompanying the post. Credit: Joshua Castle via Storyful

Video transcription

JOSHUA CASTLE: Okay, so we lost a snake. Yes, so we currently have a car on loan from insurance. I put a snake in my bag, but I don’t have my clips with me because they are with my other car. Yes, I tied it up, and it came out of my knot, and now I don’t know where it is in the car.

So I suspect it’s probably under the … we had to lower the seats to get my monitor tube in. I have a feeling it might be under the fold. I took a quick look under the front seats if I could find it, but yeah. So we’re going to get some stuff out and raise the back seats, and hopefully it’s in there. Because if it’s not, someone will get a surprise.

It could come this way. You just want to maybe go through that door, just in case he does [MUTED]. Can you see from there? Okay, lift that up.


JOSHUA CASTLE: Damn, so it’s not under that. Oh [MUTED]

How large is it?

JOSHUA CASTLE: I mean, you would see it. Well, I was really hoping that … ah, it goes down there too. It could be under the spare tire. Oh, here it is. You can come around.

So it’s in there. So look at that. Little cheeky [MUTED]. Oh hey. I think that too was a bit bitter.


So it would have been bad if we had lost it with a borrowed car. But yes, unfortunately, I don’t have any clips to hook the bags, and it came out quickly. I only got it today, and it’s already out, so. My knots are notorious for not being the best though. But yes, luckily we got it, so we can let it go.

So just a disclaimer. Anything poisonous gets some extra safety precautions. So we always use safety clips with anything poisonous and, nine times out of ten, we also put them in a container after they are caught. Then in a bag, then in a locked container. Whatever is not poisonous, we are just pretty relaxed and usually go in a bag with a knot.

In general, we still go straight to a release straight from the socket. But yeah, she’s been a little busy right now, which is why she’s had a little more time to go out. But yeah, thanks for watching, guys. We’ll take guys to the next one.

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