Britain’s Get Singing will see celebrities ‘out of their comfort zone for charity’

ITV’s upcoming Christmas song contest will see celebrities “slightly pushed out of their comfort zone to raise awareness for a wonderful cause,” said Jason Manford.

The comedian and singer will be part of an all-star Super Panel of judges for Britain Get Singing, a 90-minute special that sees famous faces compete against each other and showcase their vocal prowess.

Hosted by TV and radio presenter Roman Kemp, the show will see a number of groups made up of stars from TV’s biggest shows go head-to-head, for members of the studio audience.

The show will air on ITV and ITVX on Christmas Eve and will support the mental health campaign of the Britain Get Talking channel.

Britain Get Singing to be hosted by TV and Radio presenter Roman Kemp (PA)

Manford will be joined by some of TV’s most celebrated judges, including The Voice UK’s, Britain’s Got Talent’s Alesha Dixon and Starstruck’s Adam Lambert.

When asked what viewers could expect from the show, he said: ‘You can expect all your favorite ITV faces to be slightly pushed out of their comfort zone to raise awareness of a wonderful cause to get Britain talking and make Britain talk. sing Britain.

“It’s a great cause to join. Seeing them up there doing something they don’t normally do is so much fun.

“There’s laughter and there’s tears – it’s a really lovely and beautiful show.”

To help promote the importance of caring for mental wellbeing, the star-studded special will also feature clips in which the singers discuss their own mental health experiences.

Manford said the level of talent displayed by the celebrity contestants was “brilliant”.

“To get all those stars from Coronation Street, I don’t know how they found the time to try and get it right,” he said.

“It was amazing to see everyone working together for a wonderful cause.”

Former Black Eyed Peas star added, “I was blown away by the level of talent, purity of heart and love everyone has brought to this show.”

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Manford will be joined on the judging panel by Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon (Ian West/PA)

Dixon described the show as “really warm … with a lot of familiar faces”.

“It’s fun and exciting and surprising — it’s the perfect show for the holiday season,” he said.

Britain Get Talking launched in 2019 and has seen a number of famous faces, including Sir Captain Tom Moore, Susanna Reid and Maya Jama talk about their personal experiences and their struggles with mental health.

According to ITV, research indicates that Britons have had 100 million new or more meaningful conversations as a result of the campaign since its launch.

Susie Braun, Director of Social Purpose at ITV, said: “Since launching in 2019, Britain Get Talking has seen over a hundred of the nation’s best-loved celebrities encourage the nation to connect with one another.

“Britain Get Singing will see even more people join that number as part of this Christmas present with an important message: we can all feed our mental well-being by coming together.”

Britain Get Singing airs Christmas Eve, 8.05pm on ITV1 and ITV

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